How to Crop a Photo on Mac: Many can be ignorant about cropping photos from Mac, it isn’t much of a big deal which is why this article will help in resolving the issue of how to crop a photo on Mac.

How to Crop a Photo on Mac

You can’t always get the perfect shot the first time, but you can remove unwanted parts of your image later with the Crop tool. If necessary, you can also change the aspect ratio to make your photo social media ready.

How to Crop a Photo on Mac

So, if you want to use your Apple device to edit a photo and get that perfect crop, keep reading.

Plus, once you’ve finished editing, you can proudly display your favorite photos with a variety of custom photo products.

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On a Mac, there are several ways to crop a photo. In this section, we’ll show you how to crop an image in the Photos app, Preview, and Photoshop

How to Crop an Image Using the Photos App for Mac

Simply click the Auto button to automatically straighten and crop your photo for a quick fix. Simply follow these steps to gain more control: 

1. Open Photos. 

2. Double-click the photo you want to crop.

3. Click Edit in the toolbar.

4. Select Crop from the top toolbar.

5. Crop freeform or use a ratio. 

6. Drag the selection rectangle by its edges or corners to achieve the desired size for freeform cropping.

7. To crop with a fixed ratio, select its size from the Aspect menu.

8. Straighten your photo.

9. Adjust the numbered dial – a grid will appear over your selected image to help with alignment.

10. Click Done to save your changes. 

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How to Crop a Photo into a Circle

Cropping a photo into a circle on your Mac is simple with Photos.

You can use the same steps as above, but make sure Elliptical Selection is selected in Crop mode.

You can use this to move your cursor around the photo, with the new outline appearing as a blue-dotted circular shape. 

How to Use Your Keyboard for Cropping Shortcuts

Want to expedite the editing process? There are numerous keyboard shortcuts available to make using the Photos app even faster.

The following are the most useful for cropping photos: 

C – Launches the Crop tool.

Option – This has two main uses:

Hold this to change the way you crop with a specific aspect ratio. If you press Option while dragging from a corner, the new crop will be centered. The default setting means that the opposite corner will remain in place if this shortcut is not used.

You can slow down the rotation dial by holding down Option. This allows you to rotate more precisely.

Other keyboard shortcuts that can help speed up the editing process include: 

Command and Return: Launches Edit for your selected image(s). You can also use this to exit Edit.

A: Takes you to Adjust mode.

F: Changes to Filters mode.

M: Holding this shows you the original photo without your new adjustments.

Command and Plus: Zoom in.

Command and Minus:  Zoom out.

Command and E: In Adjust mode, this will automatically enhance the photo.

Arrow keys: Let you move between photos. This will either scroll through all your photos or just those you highlighted when opening Edit.

How to Crop an Image Using Preview

1. Preview, your Mac’s default app for viewing images, will usually open automatically when you click an image. If it doesn’t, double tap on the image, hover over Open With and select Preview.

2. Cropping your photos is simple once your chosen image is open in Preview: 

3. Click the Show Markup Toolbar button. (It’s the toolbox icon.)

4. Click, hold, and drag on the image to select your crop.

5. Drag any of the blue dots to resize your crop (if needed).

6. Press Command and K to crop.

7. Save your image. 

You can do this by pressing Command and S. Alternatively, you can use the Apple toolbar menu to select File, then Save. 

You can crop a photo easily with the Mac, you can either do it by preview, by keys, or other methods as are in this article.

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