December 3, 2023

iPhone flashlight not working: If the flashlight won’t work on your iPhone, you can usually troubleshoot the issue in a matter of minutes and get your trusty light shining again.

iPhone flashlight not working

How to Fix iPhone Flashlight Not Working

Even the most prepared people rarely walk around with a flashlight in their pockets, but these days, there’s really no reason to when our smartphones have a decent flashlight built right in.

While not bright enough to fill a large room with light or to cast a beam dozens of feet ahead down a hiking trail, an iPhone’s flashlight creates more than enough light to help you find your dropped keys, read in a tent, light up the sidewalk ahead of you, or rock out at a concert.

The iPhone has a flashlight that comes in handy when you need a quick and convenient light source, although it can sometimes fail to work.

If your iPhone’s flashlight icon is greyed out and inaccessible, or the flashlight does not work, there are a few things you can try to get it working again, regardless of which iPhone model you’re using.

What Could be Preventing the iPhone Torch from Working?

The flashlight issue could be both hardware and software related. If it’s due to a random software glitch, you can get rid of it by trying out some trusted software hacks.

However, if it’s due to a hardware failure, you will need to contact Apple or an authorized iPhone service centre.

There are several reasons why the iPhone flashlight function may not be working. Usually, a software bug or glitch causes the feature to malfunction. Other times the exact cause only reveals itself with the corresponding fix.

Follow these steps in the order listed to troubleshoot an iPhone flashlight that’s not working.

1. Charge your iPhone

If your iPhone’s battery is almost empty, the flashlight may not work. This is all the more true if the phone is very warm or very cold, conditions that already reduce its proper function. Charge your iPhone, get it down to a moderate temperature, and try again.

2. Close the Camera App

Having the Camera app on may create a conflict between the camera’s flash and the flashlight, since these both use the same bulb and, therefore, cannot be used at the same time.

3. Restart the iPhone

Many software problems and bugs can be fixed by simply restarting the device. This resets some of the temporary settings that cause apps and features to malfunction.

4. Perform a Hard Reset

A basic restart sometimes isn’t enough to fix a problem. In some cases, you may need to do what’s known as a hard reset, which is a more powerful reset.

5. Reset the iPhone Settings

This process is not as dramatic as it sounds, as it doesn’t erase your personal data or apps. Rather, it resets the iPhone to its default settings, something which may get the flashlight icon (and the flashlight) working again.

6. Restore Your iPhone to a Previous Backup

This one has long been a nuclear solution for iPhone, especially when faced with a complex issue. So, if none of the above-mentioned tricks has worked in fixing the iPhone flashlight not working issue, restore your iPhone from the previous backup.

Bear in mind that it will erase your entire iPhone wiping out everything that exists on your iOS device. Therefore, do not proceed with it until you have fully backed up your device.

If you have an iCloud backup (Settings app – Apple ID banner – iCloud – iCloud Backup), you can restore your device without using Finder/iTunes.

Head over to the Settings app- General – Transfer or Reset iPhone – Reset – Erase All Content and Settings.

7. Erase your iPhone

Once your device has been successfully erased, follow the setup assistant to set up your device. Along the way, you will get an option to restore your iPhone from an iCloud backup.

8. Restore the iPhone to Factory Settings

This is a more extreme, time-consuming solution that should resolve a faulty flashlight feature. If not, you are almost certainly dealing with a hardware problem.

9. Contact Apple Support

You may find that the flashlight does not turn on, even when its button is lit up as normal. This is a hardware problem, so you need to contact Apple or take the phone to a licensed repair outlet. If your iPhone is still under warranty, you should be able to have it repaired for free.


10. Update Software

If the flashlight continues to misbehave on your iPhone, update the software. If the issue is due to a rare software bug, updating the software can resolve it.

Open the Settings app on your iPhone- General- Software Update. Now, allow iOS to check for the update. When it shows the latest update, download and install it as usual.

In summary; if the problem is due to the ill-functioning of the software, a hard reset or software update is more than capable to resolve the issue.

However, if it’s because of hardware failure, contacting a trusted iPhone repair centre is always the right way to go.

Anyway, let us know the hack that has fixed your iPhone flashlight. And if you know any other reliable solution for resolving this issue, tip us about that as well.

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