What Does the Arrow Mean on iPhone: An application is using Location Services when you see the arrow icon appear in the status bar of your iPhone. The arrows all have different meanings and come in various colours. Read on for more information.

What Does the Arrow Mean on iPhone

Your location is used by several apps on your iPhone. You can tell when certain apps have access to your location, but did you know that?

For instance, an arrow icon will appear in the upper right corner of your screen when using Maps, Find My iPhone, or any other location-based app.

What the Arrow Icon Means on your iPhone

The arrow icon comes in several different forms. Depending on how other apps are using your location, it may occasionally change colour or appear hollow.

When it comes to privacy considerations, you should be aware of what the location services arrow implies in each setting, especially if you’re not sure which apps can access your location.

On an iOS device, Location Services are shown by a status bar icon that resembles an icon. It can imply that an app has previously been used, is requesting to use, or is actively utilizing your location. The appearance of the arrow icon is everything.

Arrow Colours and Meaning

Let’s talk about what the different arrow icons mean when you see them.

1. Gray Arrow

If you come across a solid grey arrow icon when you’re using any application on your iPhone, it means that your location is currently being accessed by either a website or an application on your iPhone.

2. Purple Arrow

A solid purple arrow icon at the upper-right corner of your iPhone means that an app has recently made use of Location Services.

3. Hollow Arrow

Now, if you see a hollow arrow icon show up in the upper-right corner on your iPhone, it means an application on your device will use your position under certain conditions.

Essentially, the hollow arrow means that an application is geofencing. This activates when you go to a certain place, and will typically appear when your device has certain actions set to occur in a specific place.

For instance, if you’re using the Shortcuts app, you might set a shortcut that activates when you get home. Or, you might have a reminder set for when you get back home.

4. Arrow with Blue Circle

One of the arrow icons you might see less is the blue circle with a white arrow icon inside.

This status icon means that you are using an app or website that is trying to access your Location Services. You’re probably going to see this mostly when browsing the web when a site requests your location.

How to Access Location Services on your iPhone

Here’s how to find out what the different arrow icons mean through the location services page in Settings.

1. Open Settings on your iPhone.

2. Scroll down and tap on “Privacy.”

3. Tap on “Location Services.”

You’ll see the explanation of what each kind of arrow indicates at the bottom of the page, under System Services:

“A hollow arrow indicates that an item may receive your location under certain conditions.”

“A purple arrow indicates that an item has recently used your location.”

“A grey arrow indicates that an item has used your location in the last 24 hours.”

On the location services page, you can see how you’ve shared your location with different apps, and adjust your settings. You can also tap on System Services to view and adjust more location-based settings.

In System Services, you can prevent the arrow icon from appearing on your screen by toggling off the “Status Bar Icon” at the bottom of the menu.


How to Hide the Arrow Icon on the Status Bar?

The only way to prevent the arrow icon from joining the other status icons is to completely disable Location Services.

However, you have the choice to prevent the icon from showing up when System Services use your location.

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Tap “Privacy”.
  • Tap “Location Services”.
  • Pick “System Services” from the list of apps.

At the bottom should be a setting for “Status Bar Icon”. Disable the switch to hide the icon from showing when System Services are accessing location data.

In summary; depending on how it looks, the arrow indicator that shows on your screen could signify a variety of things. But it indicates that a program is utilizing your location.

Your iPhone and several of its apps may provide you with a customized experience thanks to this data. You might not want to grant this access to every application, though, because of privacy concerns.

Thankfully, Apple’s iOS platform allows you a lot of control over these settings. We believe this article was interesting and helpful for more information don’t forget to subscribe and share this article with family and friends to stay updated.

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