December 8, 2023

FES Scholarship Program: The freedom, fairness, and solidarity that are the cornerstones of social democracy are supported by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation. Equal access to educational opportunities is crucial to the study’s support because of this.

FES Scholarship Program

Even though they have the talent, many young people struggle to assert themselves in university without support.

About the FES Scholarship Program

Friedrich Ebert Foundation wishes to target women and young people who are the first in their families to go to school and/or have a history of migration with the initiatives.

Also, they support the recipients of the scholarships from the beginning with guidance and funding since they consider themselves a partner and sponsor.

They are able to learn freely and independently, improve their social abilities, and grow as people.

One of the FES’s founding principles has been the development of youthful talent. The first scholarships were given to exceptionally gifted young people from working-class backgrounds who were actively participating in the fledgling democracy of the Weimar Republic.

So, for the FES, factors such as applicants’ academic success, social and political activity, and personal opinions all play a significant role in the selection process.

Eligibility Requirements

Students attending public universities, state-approved universities, and polytechnic institutes are supported by the FES. All academic disciplines and postgraduate programs are supported.

Students who are not German may also apply for the scholarship program. Nonetheless, they must be enrolled in a German university at the time of application.

The Internship Programme of FES Nigeria

Students interested in working for a social democratic political foundation can do a three-month internship at the FES Office in Abuja, Nigeria.

A small team with varied backgrounds and experiences will work with you.

You will collaborate with the FES team and our partners on ongoing projects and take part in administrative tasks such as general paperwork, organizing events, and research.

Internship Eligibility Criteria

Prospective interns should have:

1. A demonstrated interest in social issues and identification with the values of FES.

2. A Bachelor’s / Master’s Degree in Political Science or a related field (i.e. International Relations, Economics, Development Studies, Peace and Conflict Studies, Law, etc.) or currently enrolled in a program.

3. Strong written and oral English language skills. The ability to communicate fluently in English is indispensable.

4. Commitment to the political ideas and values of Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung

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International Interns

FES Nigeria works to provide internships to both international and domestic applicants in order to promote cross-cultural cooperation and learning.

If candidates from outside Nigeria desire to apply for an internship with FES Nigeria, they should be aware that FES cannot cover the following extra expenses:

1. Travel expenditures to and from Nigeria

2. International health insurance is required and will be verified before you enter the country.

3. The cost of housing and daily living expenses in Abuja

4. Also, the cost of obtaining a visa and a residence permit.

FES Nigeria also advises international interns to have third-party liability and accident insurance because they cannot be held accountable as an organization for any losses or damages incurred by the interns personally while they are in the internship program.

Please submit your application well in advance (at least four months) of the internship you desire, since it will take time to organize the essential processes as well as your personal matters.

How to Apply

Interested applicants should submit in English:

  • Letter of motivation (one page)
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Preferred period of internship

Applications and further inquiries should be directed to info(at)

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