ABSIP Bursary Fund is for students who may receive a bursary award, or just a bursary, depending on their academic standing and/or financial necessity. Similar to scholarships given by US institutions, a bursary award is given to the student by the educational institution.

ABSIP Bursary Fund

ABSIP Bursary Fund

To address the apparent underrepresentation of black professionals in the securities and investment business, the Association of Black Securities and Investment Professionals (ABSIP) was founded in 1995.

It was also intended to provide a venue for black professionals to share knowledge and ideas while also addressing the goals of individuals working in the field.

The mission of ABSIP has expanded to include empowering black business owners and professionals across the financial services industry.

Asset management, corporate banking, corporate finance, corporate managerial and financial consulting, employee benefits, insurance, investment banking, retail banking, private banking, private equity, stockbroking, Treasury, and development finance institutions are among the subsectors that now make up its membership (DFIs).


A transformed, fully inclusive, ethically run financial services sector that equitably represents black professionals and black businesses to enable sustainable growth for the sector and South Africa at large shows less


ABSIP will orchestrate positive change and growth in the financial services sector to drive the development of opportunities for our members.

Guiding Principles

Act independently, making sure that no one’s interests override the organization’s objective and vision. In all we do, we must behave with the utmost professionalism, ethics, and integrity.

Be responsible for every money raised and make sure it is put to the appropriate use.

Be strongly against any form of racial, ethnic, or gender discrimination Consider all members’ opinions and solicit their feedback on any issues that we address or over which we have authority. show fewer.

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The ABSIP Bursary Programme

Through the use of the ABSIP Bursary Fund, the Association of Black Securities and Investment Professionals (ABSIP) National Executive Committee is glad to offer deserving students alternatives for postsecondary education finance.

Applications are now being accepted for the ABSIP Bursary Program.

For more information and to access the application form, click the “apply” button above.

Programme Eligibility Criteria

1. First-year students who qualify to enroll at the university

2. Returning students who are progressing to the next academic year

3. Students who strive for academic excellence

4. Students pursuing qualifications related to the financial services sector

Application is not received for now

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