February 24, 2024

 Evans Scholarship is for high-achieving golfers with limited funds, which covers both accommodation and tuition. Golfers must satisfy the criteria of having a solid golfing record, great academics, proven financial need, and exceptional character in order to be eligible.

Evans Scholarship

Applications for scholarships are accepted by both college freshmen and high school seniors as early as the start of their senior year.

By October 15, the entire application, including supplementary materials like assessments, recommendation letters, transcripts, test results, a CSS profile, and FAFSA data, must be finished.

Once the application has been submitted in full, the scholarship committee will start reviewing it. Finalists will be interviewed by the Committee, which will also make the decision. By April 1st, all choices will be made in full.

Evans Scholarship Foundation

Charles “Chick” Evans Jr., a well-known amateur golfer, asked the WGA to manage the fund he had set up to send deserving caddies to college in 1929.

In 1930, the WGA gave out its first two scholarships, sending caddies Jim McGinnis and Harold Fink to Northwestern University.

All Evans Scholars attended Northwestern University until the start of World War II, and it was there that the first Scholarship House was built.

WGA Directors were aware of Chick’s dream’s influence on the lives of young people with restricted access to a college education as the Evans Scholars Foundation evolved.

The WGA Directors continued the Evans Scholars Program after Chick’s first donation was depleted by making their own contributions.

The Foundation is now supported by donations from Par Club members across the nation and money earned from our events.

With the aid of the Evans Scholars Program, students can maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.4 and a graduation rate of 95% while gaining access to academic, professional, and social opportunities.

In 21 top colleges, a record number of 1,070 Evans Scholars are enrolled for the 2020–21 academic year. Since 1930, 11,556 young men and women have graduated as Evans Scholars.

Scholarship Requirements

1. Strong Golfing History: Candidates must have caddied successfully and consistently for at least two years, and they must caddie at their sponsoring club during the year they apply for the Scholarship.

2. Academic Excellence: Candidates must have successfully completed their junior year of high school with a grade point average in college-prepared courses above a B. For candidates in 2022, taking the ACT and SAT will be optional.

3. The financial necessity that has been proven: Applicants must be in urgent need of financial assistance.

4. Excellent Character: Candidates must possess excellent character, honesty, and leadership.

Application Timeline

Application accessible online as of August 1. Examine the data on the webpage.

The CSS Financial Aid Profile is made accessible on October 1. Please complete the CSS Profile online and submit it to CSS as soon as you can, along with the necessary payment. 0153 is the Evans Scholars Foundation’s CSS identifier.

On October 1, you can also submit your FAFSA online. If you haven’t already done so, send a copy of your FAFSA Federal Student Aid Report that includes your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) figure when it becomes available.

Applications must be complete and include all necessary documentation by October 15th (completed CSS Profile, FAFSA Federal Student Aid Report, High School Evaluation, Caddie Evaluation, letters of recommendation, high school transcript, and test scores).

All application judgments are complete as of April 1.

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Application Login Process

For New Users:

You will be asked to enter your email address (preferably use a non-school account) and establish a password after clicking the Sign-Up button. Your account will be created and you will have access to the program once you have selected a password.

For Returning  User:

Use the email address and password you used when you first signed up to log into your application. To reset your password if you’ve forgotten it, click “Forgot your password?” and follow the instructions.

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