December 3, 2023

What is Wave Browser: If you have ever wondered what the Wave browser is and what effect it may have on your PC, buckle up, because we are about to get into it.

What is Wave Browser

The Wave Browser has elicited mixed feelings and reactions from users. It has effects that do not always match up with users’ expectations, making users ask themselves if it is safe or not.

Let’s learn more about this browser, what it offers, and how to get rid of it (you’ll want to!)

What is Wave Browser?

Wave Browser is malicious software that was developed in 2015 in the form of a web browser. The Wave browser has been in use ever since, causing many users to suffer. The browser carries many risks that have left many people who have installed it vulnerable.

The Wave Browser was developed by a company called Polarity Technologies LTD and has been spread across different countries.

The browser managed to get massive user engagement by offering unique features and having a well-designed user interface.

What is Wave Browser Used for?

The Wave Browser is used to access search engines and the internet at large like any other browser. It will often be used to log on to various online platforms without fully knowing what it does in the background: change your privacy settings, personal data extraction, etc.

The browser is capable of initiating several actions on your computer without your consent.

As a result, it can easily reach and change your privacy settings as well as leak your vital information, hence making you vulnerable to hacking.

Due to those often-unknown abilities, it can perform data extraction without your consent, leaking confidential or personal information.

Furthermore, it is also known to mislead users due to its various elements and actions on their computers.

Is Wave Browser Safe?

It is not safe for PCs. The Wave Browser on its own is not a virus, however, it is a web browser that carries and has several malware programs that initiate several unauthorized changes on your computer without your permission

If you cannot control what happens on your computer, it means that you are not safe, and so much can happen:

1. It Performs Unauthorized Actions: It can easily expose you to hackers and leak your personal information. As long as the malware in the browser keeps on performing unauthorized actions, you have no control over the data it can share or expose.

2. Hackers Can Use It to Steal Information: It can also act as a medium for hackers to access your information, such as history, IP addresses, and even passwords.

3. It Shows Intrusive Ads: Another effect of using this, is that it displays unsolicited offers, ads, banners, and other information from suspicious websites without your consent. As a result, it can easily expose you to any malware hiding behind those sites.

How Does Wave Browser Get Installed?

There are two ways that you can installed this on your computer:

1. You Intentionally Install It: The simplest and most straightforward to get this installed is when you go to the internet, download the app, and install it. So many people have done this for so many reasons. Most of them have been lied to about their safety and performance.

2. Automatic Installation Without Your Knowledge: The second method is where the browser is installed on your computer automatically without your knowledge or consent. This happens when the application is installed by file-bundling. In this case, the file is contained in other files that users can install without.

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How to Get Rid of the Wave Browser

The process of how to get rid of this varies from one operating system to another. However, the steps are almost similar in all cases, simple, and only take a few minutes. So here is what you need to do:

1. Uninstall Wave Browser from Windows

2. Start by clicking on the “windows” button on your computer.

3. Type “Apps and Features”

4. You will get an option titled “Apps and Features”. Click it to get more options.

5. You will get a menu screen with all the apps.

6. Scroll and identify the “Wave Browser” app, and click on the app to get more options.

7. Click on “Uninstall”.

8. Once you do this, the Wave Browser app will be uninstalled from your computer.

9. Uninstall Wave Browser on a Mac

10. Open your Mac and find “Finder”. Click it to open.

11. Tap on the “Applications” option on the sidebar of your screen.

12. Identify “Wave Browser” and right-click on it on the applications screen.

13. Once you right-click, you will get a menu. Tap on “Move to Bin”.

14. With this action, Wave Browser will be uninstalled from your Mac.

Now that you know what the wave browser is and what it does, you will note that it is not safe for your computer.

Although it can be used for browsing, it causes so much harm due to its intentional vulnerabilities.

When you get certain files installed on your computer that you do not remember installing, make sure you search for information available on them. This way, you can find out what they do and what is known about how they operate.

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