December 8, 2023

How to Uninstall Valorant: Although Valorant is really an entertaining game, not everyone will enjoy it because the gameplay is similar to CS: GO’s, but it incorporates Overwatch’s hero mechanics and powers. Read on for how to uninstall!

How to Uninstall Valorant

This discourages a lot of players, along with the occasionally lengthy games (20-minute rounds). Additionally, Vanguard, a program that Valorant needs to run and which many gamers do not trust, is quite intrusive.

Regrettably, uninstalling Valorant and Vanguard can be difficult once you’ve done so. Like with other games, it’s not as easy as clicking Uninstall.exe. It’s a multi-step process that must be carried out in the correct order.

How to Uninstall Valorant?

Follow these methods to completely uninstall Valorant:

1. Open your System Tray by clicking on it in Windows’ bottom right corner.

2. “Exit Vanguard” is selected by right-clicking the red Vanguard logo.

3. Utilize the Vanguard uninstaller to remove Vanguard

  • Open the “Riot Vanguard” folder in your computer’s “Program Files” folder, then double-click the “Uninstall.exe” file to launch it.

4. Remove Valorant

  • Use Windows’ bottom-left search box to find “Add or Remove Programs.”
  • From the search results, open the “Add or Remove Programs” tool.
  • Select “Uninstall” after locating “Valorant” in the list of apps.

The key lesson from this is that you should uninstall Vanguard before Valorant. If Vanguard is not removed first, you will undoubtedly encounter a Windows error while attempting to remove Valorant. Furthermore, uninstalling Valorant does not also remove Vanguard by default.

Make sure to close Vanguard from the Task tray in the bottom right corner of Windows before attempting to install Vanguard. Find the red Vanguard icon in the task tray, right-click it, and select “Exit Vanguard.”

Your Boot drive nearly always contains your Vanguard. This is frequently the C drive. Program Files > Riot Vanguard is where you’ll find it. This is so that the anti-cheat program can function, which requires that it be on the boot disk.

It is significantly simpler to uninstall Valorant through the Windows program uninstaller once Vanguard has been removed.

Simply locate the entry for Valorant inside the Add or Remove Programs tool and select uninstall.

The Valorant folder may alternatively be simply deleted. There may be 10 files left over, according to some, but they are essentially undetectable.

How to Reinstall Valorant?

Simply visit the Valorant website, log into your Riot Games account, then download the Installer to re-install Valorant.

Once you have the installer, all you have to do is start it up just like you did when you first installed the game. It will immediately download Vanguard for you.

You don’t need to take any particular steps to reinstall Valorant. Download the game once more, then run the installation is automatically after Valorant.

For Vanguard to launch, your computer will need to be reset, and once the Valorant Client has launched, you’ll probably need to install a patch.

Make sure to remove all local Valorant files after uninstalling the program if you wish to reinstall Valorant from scratch without any of your previous settings.

Just your video settings are stored locally, so keep that in mind. As a result, upon re-installation, your crosshair, sensitivity, etc., will not reset because they are all tied to your account.

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How Long Does it Take to Re-Install Valorant?

Depending on your internet speed and computer, the process to reinstall Valorant will probably take 20 to 30 minutes.

For Vanguard to install properly, your computer needs to be restarted. Next, depending on your download speed, you must patch your game.

Installing and applying the first patch for Valorant takes much longer than applying future fixes. However, you’re still most likely only anticipating a 30-minute wait time.

Of course, this will greatly lengthen the time if you have an extremely sluggish connection (1 or 2 Mbps or less).

Does Re-Installing Valorant Increase FPS?

Unless anything was installed improperly, uninstalling Valorant is generally not going to improve your FPS.

Disabling Full-Screen Optimization in the Compatibility Settings by right-clicking your Valorant.exe file and selecting properties is one technique to increase your frame rate. Launch Valorant after that, then press f11 twice.

Many people attempted a reinstall after noticing a problem with their Valorant FPS. However, this was unsuccessful. However many people have reported success using the above approach.

Between Windowed and Full-Screen modes, press F11. We want to switch the game to Windowed Mode after removing Full-Screen Optimization, then switch it back to Full Screen.

Although no one is sure why this works for many people if you’re having FPS problems and you’re confident that your computer can handle the game, try this trick out.

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