How to Group Worksheets in Excel: By combining worksheets, you can swiftly complete activities on several worksheets at once. Any changes you make to one worksheet are automatically applied to all the other worksheets in the group at the same place on the worksheets if you group a collection of worksheets.

How to Group and Ungroup Worksheets in Excel

Grouping can help you save a ton of time if you need to construct, say, standard tables or computations across a lot of worksheets.

The worksheets should already have the same data structures for this to work properly.

How to Group Worksheets

Follow the steps below to carry out the same duties for a specific group of worksheets.

1. Click the worksheet tabs you wish to group while pressing and holding the Ctrl key.

  • Use the Shift key while clicking the last worksheet tab in the range to group successive worksheets. To do this, click the first worksheet tab in the range.

2. Let’s say you want to apply the identical formula to cell B7 on the worksheets for “Paris” and “London.” When two worksheets are grouped, all changes made to one worksheet will affect the other.

For instance, the London worksheet instantly receives the following formula update from the Paris worksheet:

  • Please take note that the name of the workbook changes to [Group] when worksheets are grouped.

How Ungroup Selected Worksheets

1. Ungroup chooses worksheets if you don’t want to assign a certain set of assignments to them.

2. When you click the worksheet tabs you want to ungroup, hold down the Ctrl key while doing so.

Group all Worksheets

All of the worksheets in a workbook can be readily grouped. Follow the following steps to achieve this:

1. Tab any spreadsheet by right-clicking it.

2. Select all sheets by clicking.

3. Selected from the right-click menu is Select All Sheets. The worksheets have all been chosen.

Note: Looking through the worksheets ungroups them if you have grouped all of them. If you don’t pick every worksheet, you can still explore the grouped worksheets without ungrouping them.

Ungroup all Worksheets

Ungroup Sheets have been chosen from the right-click menu.

1. Remove all worksheet groups.

2. After making all the necessary modifications, you can ungroup the worksheets.

3. Right-click any worksheet tab in the group.

4. Click Ungroup Sheets.

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Benefits of Grouping Excel Worksheets

Grouping similar-structured sheets together when dealing with them will help you save a ton of time.

Once the worksheets are organized into groups, you can enter the same information, make the same adjustments, create the same formulas, and apply the same formatting to all of the worksheets at once without having to flip between multiple sheets and edit each one separately.

Just a few instances of what you could do to a set of worksheets are as follows:

1. On multiple spreadsheets at once, add new data or change the ones that already exist.

2. Use the same regions and cells for the same calculations.

3. Create a variety of worksheets to print.

4. Create the page layout, header, and footer.

5. Correct the same typo or mistake on multiple sheets.

6. Move, copy, or delete a group of worksheets.


1. Can you Group Sheets in an Excel Workbook?

To group sheets in Excel, hold down the Ctrl key and click the sheet tabs of interest one by one. After clicking the last tab, release Ctrl. To group adjacent (consecutive) worksheets, click the first sheet tab, hold down the Shift key, and click the last sheet tab.

2. How do I Group Two Worksheets in Excel on a Mac?

How do I group two worksheets in Excel on a Mac? To group worksheets in Excel on Mac, just hold the command key and click on the desired sheet tabs and release the command key.

3. What Does it Mean to Group Sheets in Excel?

If you’re editing multiple worksheets in Microsoft Excel, it might be helpful to group them together. This allows you to make changes to the same range of cells across multiple worksheets.

4. Can you Nest Sheets in Excel?

Grouped sheets can help. Create a group with the same number of sheets you want to add where you want to add the new sheets. With the group active, add a new sheet by right-clicking any tab in the group and choosing Insert. Excel will add the same number of sheets as in the group between the grouped sheets.

5. How do I Group Columns in Excel?

Select Home > Group by. In the Group by the dialog box, select Advanced to select more than one column to group by. To add another column, select Add Grouping.

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