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Playford Trust/AusIMM Minerals Scholarship

The Playford Trust/AusIMM Minerals Scholarship

Situated in Adelaide, South Australia, Flinders University is a publicly funded educational institution. Its establishment in 1966 pays homage to Matthew Flinders, a renowned navigator whose extensive surveys of the South Australian coastline left an indelible mark.

Dating back to 1893 and operating under a Royal Charter, The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (AusIMM) maintains a significant presence.

With branches and societies spanning the globe, AusIMM has fostered impactful collaborations across various sectors, including industry, education, government, and community engagement.

The organization plays a pivotal role in shaping careers by offering exceptional opportunities for professional development.

These encompass top-tier technical conferences, leadership events, online educational platforms, and the distribution of industry-related updates.

The benefit of this scholarship is that it possesses a combined worth of $9,000.00.


Eligibility and Criteria

1. Eligible candidates are individuals who possess Australian citizenship or hold a permanent resident visa within the country.

Additionally, they need to be residents of South Australia and demonstrate the potential to contribute to the local minerals industry or enhance the state’s well-being.

2. Applicants should have a strong academic background, marked by exceptional accomplishments during their undergraduate studies.

Demonstrating good character is essential, and preference is given to those exhibiting leadership potential.

3. Students who envision pursuing further education or research post their Honours degree are encouraged to submit their application.

While having other significant scholarships concurrently is generally discouraged, it doesn’t hinder candidates from applying.

4. Recipients of the scholarship must be enrolled full-time in programs such as the Bachelor of Science Honours degree, Mining Engineering, Chemical Engineering (Mineral Processing), or Environmental Engineering.

The focus should be on studies or research directly related to the minerals industry. Additionally, applying for Student Membership with AusIMM is a requirement.”

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Application Deadline

The application deadline for this scholarship is September 16, 2023. It is advisable that you apply before this date so your application can be processed as soon as possible.


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