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OASIS Scholarship

OASIS Scholarship

The Government of West Bengal’s flagship program, the Oasis Scholarship, is an admirable attempt to give financial aid to worthy students in the state.

Since it was introduced in 2010, this scholarship program has helped hundreds of students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds pursue their studies without financial barriers.

Let’s examine the Oasis Scholarship 2024’s significance, eligibility requirements, application procedure, advantages, and effect on West Bengal’s educational scene as we go deeper into the specifics.


Significance of the Oasis Scholarship

The Oasis Scholarship is essential to encouraging inclusive growth since it makes sure that no worthy student is denied an education because of a lack of funds.

By giving students from underprivileged backgrounds financial support, the scholarship not only gives them a sense of empowerment but also advances society and the country as a whole.

In an environment like India, where many people still struggle to get a good education, programs like the Oasis Scholarship are essential to closing the gap and levelling the playing field for all students.

The West Bengal government is the proud sponsor of this scholarship, which is only open to West Bengali citizens. Residents of West Bengal who are enrolled in UG, PG, and PhD programs are eligible.

The West Bengal Chief Relief Fund Nabanna Scholarship was the previous name of the award.

Benefits of the Oasis Scholarship

The Oasis Scholarship 2024 provides qualified students with a number of advantages, such as:

1. Encouraging members of the public who are economically challenged to pursue higher education.

2. Encouraging meritocracy by honouring and compensating exceptional performance and brilliance in the mind.

3. Support for additional educational costs, maintenance allowance, and tuition fees.

4. Payment of the cost of living for students living in dorms.

5. Scholarships awarded on the basis of merit to students who excel academically.

6. Scholarship renewal for upcoming years contingent on demonstrating enough academic advancement.

Eligibility Criteria

The West Bengal government has set specific requirements that applicants must meet in order to be eligible for the Oasis Scholarship 2024. The following are the main requirements for eligibility:

1. The candidate needs to live in West Bengal.

2. The candidate needs to be enrolled in a state-approved educational program.

3. The application rules specify a limit that the applicant’s family income cannot surpass.

4. The candidate needs to have passed the prior qualifying exam with a specific percentage of the possible points.

5. To make sure they meet all the requirements, applicants should carefully check the eligibility criteria before to applying for the scholarship.

Application Process

The Scholarship application procedure is easy to use and accessible to students. Interested parties may use the official scholarship portal to submit an online application.

Basic elements including biographical information, educational background, family income, etc., are required on the application form.

Additionally, scanned copies of all pertinent documentation—including grade reports and income certificates—must be uploaded by applicants.

To prevent any errors, it is advised that students carefully read the instructions before completing the application form. To apply for the scholarship, click this link.

Scholarship Deadline

The scholarship is open to students who are citizens of West Bengal and closes on 31st March 2024.

Documents Required

1. West Bengal Domicile Certificate

2. Caste Certificate

3. Birth certificate

4. Proof of Address

5. Bank passbook indicating the bank name, branch, IFSC Code, account number, and beneficiary name.

6. Aadhar Card or any other government proof of identification

7. Passport-size photo of the applicant

8. Mark sheet of previous qualifying examination

Categories of the Oasis Scholarship

1. Pre-Matric Grant

Students in grades 9 and 10 are eligible to participate. It offers financial assistance for costs including books, stationery, and tuition.

2. Post-Matric Grant

Students in grades 11 and above who plan to continue their education beyond high school are eligible to apply. This takes care of living expenses, tuition, and other educational costs.

3. Merit-Cum-Means Grant

This grant is given to undergraduate and graduate students on the basis of merit.

4. Minority Scholarship

Students from minority communities, including Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, and Parsis, are eligible to apply for this unique scholarship program.

Swami Vivekananda Merit Cum Means Scholarship

This bears the name of Swami Vivekananda, the philosopher and leader of India. This scholarship program is available to worthy students who want to go to college but come from low-income families.


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