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DHSE Scholarship

DHSE Scholarship

The DHSE scholarship for BPL students was established by the Keralan government and is awarded to students whose parents are classified as BPL (Below Poverty Line).

A fixed amount of INR 5,000 is awarded to each scholarship winner based on their qualifications and other preferences.

The initiative was started in 2007 by the Kerala government’s DHSE to offer financial support to worthy applicants from disadvantaged families for the higher secondary board.


Benefits of the DHSE Scholarship to Students

1. The scholarship programme has been approved for INR 698 lakhs.

2. Every year, the Keralan government grants a set amount of scholarships to each school.

3. The scholarship recipients are each given a fixed amount of INR 5,000.

4. The money will be transferred directly into the accounts of the beneficiaries.

Eligibility Criteria

In order to be eligible for the scholarship, a candidate must fulfil the following requirements:

1. The candidate needs to be enrolled in the upper secondary board of a government or supported school.

2. The prize is open to Keralan students enrolled in upper secondary schools.

3. The parents or guardians of the student must be classified as BPL.

4. For a candidate to be eligible for the award, they must have scored highly on their SSLC or similar exam.

5. At least 70% of the students should be in attendance.

6. Candidates who are classified as differently abled are required to present a medical certificate certifying that they are at least 40% disabled.

Application Process

The principal of each school manages the qualified candidate selection and application procedure, so students do not need to apply for the scholarship on their own:

1. It is advised that selected students turn in any required documentation to the principal of their school.

2. Every application will be registered on the form by the principal of the school.

3. Utilizing the criteria, select the applicants, and then complete the form (3).

4. Upload the account details.

Renewal of Scholarship

The following criteria must be met in order for the scholarship to be renewed:

1. Reapplications are permitted for first-year scholarship recipients in their second year of study.

2. To have their scholarships renewed, all students need to maintain a minimum attendance rate of 70%.

3. To pass the annual exam with a minimum grade of D+ or higher, they must try at least twice.


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