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As a Nigerian student, you must actually be wondering how much is Nigeria Federal Government Scholarship. In need of actual information about the actual amount of the scholarship from the federal government of Nigeria and every other information? Keep reading

How much is Nigerian Federal government Scholarship

The Federal government of Nigeria under the leadership of the Minister of education Adamu Adamu is in charge of scholarships for Nigerian students. The scholarship is for intelligent Nigerian students who have some financial issues to aid them in their educational pursuits.

Equally important is that this scholarship is only obtainable at Nigerian public universities. If you are a student in a private Nigerian university, then it is not for you.

Consequently, to access these scholarships, students must meet certain criteria. However, the scholarship is a support to your academic financial aid. That brings us to the question – how much is Nigeria Federal Government Scholarship?

Sections of the Nigerian Federal Government Scholarship

The Nigerian scholarship has sectors that it covers.  The program is covered by a Federal Government scholarship scheme which can only be obtainable in Nigerian Public tertiary institutions Tenable in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions. The award covers the following sections

  • Undergraduate (UG) Award
  • Postgraduate (PG) Award
  • National Certificate in Education (NCE) Award
  • Higher National Diploma (HND) Award

Conditions Surrounding the Federal Government Scholarship

Consequently, There are certain conditions that are connected with this award which you must adhere to. These conditions set the ball rolling for you to enjoy this scholarship. Here are the important details you ought to follow;

  • The scholarship works only in Nigeria
  • The scholarship takes effect from the beginning of each academic year
  • The scholarship will cease to function if not in use within the specified period
  • If there are any current Nigeria scholarships that the applicants are holding then they are not applicable to this one
  • There is no provision for changes, (for example change of course or institution) during the course of the program
  • The items covered under the program are tuition fees, charges of the institution, and Personal maintenance allowance
  • Not for part-time students

Criteria for the Federal Government Scholarship

  • Applicants for Postgraduate studies should possess a minimum of the first degree with a Second Class Honours Moreover, the applicant must be a registered Full-Time student of Federal or State Universities.
  • All other applicants (UG, HND & NCE) must be registered full-time students in their universities. Again they must be registered full-time students in their second year or above in Federal or State Universities, as well as Polytechnics, Monotechnics, and Colleges of Education.
  • All undergraduate Scholarship applicants (Physically challenged inclusive) must have at least a 4.0 Cumulative Grade point aggregate (CGPA) on a five (5) point scale or its equivalents or 5.0 on a 7-point scale.
  • NCE and HND applicants must have a CGPA of 3.5 and above on a scale of 4.0


Nigeria Federal Government Scholarship focus course of study

Subsequently, the scholarship covers the following course of study;

  • Science and Technology
  • NCE
  • Science Subjects with Education
  • Medicine and Para-medicals
  • Law
  • Arts and other Subjects with Education
  • Liberal Arts/Social/Management Sciences
  • HND (Science and Technology)

How much is Nigeria Federal Government Scholarship?

Unquestionably, the Nigeria Federal Government Scholarship is awarded to students who meet the necessary criteria and conditions for the award. the amount is therefore split into the following categories;

  • For Under-Graduate Scholars the value is N150,000 per annum
  • For Post-Graduate Scholars, the value is set at N180,000 per annum
  • The amount is N100,000 per annum for HND
  • N100,000 per annum is the amount set for NCE

Requirements for application

the following are the necessary requirements for application for the Nigerian federal government scholarship. however, the board might decide to change or add anything at any given time.

  • You need to complete it online. Make sure that you go through instructions in a proper manner before applying
  • Along with the application form you need to submit the following documents:
  • Course Registration
  • Identity card
  • Letter of admission to the institution you are studying
  • Last examination result
  • One (1) passport-size photograph
  • Copy of Educational certificates (on no account should original certificates be submitted)
  • Printed Application form
  • Copy of Current Course Registration form


How to apply

follow these steps carefully and apply;

  • Visit the Federal Ministry of Education’s website www.education.gov.ng
  • Click on Federal Scholarship Board ICON on the Home Page:
  • Read Guidelines
  • Complete the Application Form online
  • Print the Examination slip.
  • Double Entries will be disqualified!

How to Check for the Nigerian Federal Government Scholarship result

If you might have applied for the scholarship and wrote CBT for the award then you are in need of your results. However, results are not posted online for you to access through a link.

Definitely, you will receive an email or text message from the scholarship board if you get shortlisted for the scholarship by the Federal Ministry of Education.

Thus, applicants who make the shortlist would then proceed to the verification exercise to get paid the allocated amount of their scholarship.

Do you want to apply for the  Nigeria federal government scholarship click here to apply https://fsbn.com.ng


How can I apply for the scholarship and what is the dateline

  • Get to know about the scholarship
  • Go through the application guidelines (if provided)
  • Prepare all your accomplishments.
  • Keep an eye on the deadline.
  • Start filling out the form.
  • Do proofread before

What documents do I need to submit if i get the scholarship?

Candidates nominated by the Board will be required to submit the following:

  • Authenticated copies of academic certificates.
  • Data page of current International Passport.
  • Specified medical reports from Government hospitals.
  • National Identification Number (NIN)
  • Police clearance certificates where necessary.

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