Kwara State University may be the school in your heart that you have always wished to go to. The opportunity is here because we shall discuss everything regarding Kwara State University KWASU and its courses in this article.

Kwasu courses

Kwara State Institution, often known as KWASU, is a Nigerian universityNigerian university with full registration and accreditation. It aspires to provide all pupils with a high-quality education.

Many young people from Nigeria have graduated from a variety of faculties, and they enrolled many more in many academic programs.

Kwara State University is one of the many universities in Nigeria that are spread out over the nation.

To decide if Kwara State University is the best option for them, many people are interested in seeing the list of courses offered there.

Discover all the courses offered and the prerequisites by reading on.

Where is Kwara State University Located?

The principal campus of KWASU is Malete, Kwara State, Nigeria. It also has campuses in Osi and Ilesa-Barua.

Before 2007, the state lacked sufficient higher education institutions.

KWASU had been established with great effort, but for many years, not much had been accomplished.

Is KWASU A Private University?

They found KWASU in 2009 and are a public institution of higher learning.

It provides top-notch undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate programs in a range of subject areas.

It comprises 44 departments, 7 faculties, and over 7,400 graduates.

Since the institution’s founding, over 153,750 students have enrolled, and applications for the class of 2022 are now being accepted.


What Courses are Offered in KWASU?

The following courses are on offer at KWASU for the 2023/2024 post-UTME admission:

1. Accounting

2. Agricultural Engineering

3. Agricultural Science

4. Arabic

5. Banking and Finance

6. Biochemistry

7. Business Administration

8. Business Education

9. Chemistry

10. Christian Religion Studies

11. Civil and Environmental Engineering

12. Common and Islamic Law

13. Computer Science

14. Early Childhood and Primary Education

15. Economics

16. Electrical and Computer Engineering

17. English Language

18. Entrepreneurship

19. Environmental Health Science

20. Fine and Applied Arts

21. Food Science Technology

22. French

23. Geology and Mineral Science

24. History

25. Human Kinetics

26. Industrial Chemistry

27. Islamic Studies

28. Library and Information Science

29. Linguistic/ Yoruba

30. Linguistics

31. Mass Communication

32. Material Science Engineering

33. Mathematics

34. Mechanical Engineering

35. Medical Laboratory Science

36. Microbiology

37. Physics

38. Plant and Environmental Biology

39. Political Science

40. Public Administration

41. Public Health

42. Special Education

43. Statistics

44. Tourism and Hospitality

45. Visual and Performing Arts

46. Zoology

Admission into Kwara State University

KWASU does not discriminate against any students, and admission is based only on merit.

All applicants must meet the minimal prerequisites for admittance, which may include O’level, UTME, POST-UTME, or other qualifications.

All information supplied by applicants seeking admission to regular-based programs at KWASU or other programs should be accurate and true to the best of the applicant’s knowledge.

To find out the specific entry criteria for any of the aforementioned programs, you must first visit the Kwara University website.

Next, choose whether you wish to pursue an undergraduate or postgraduate program by clicking on the Admission option.

They will instantly link the student portal to where you may begin the admissions application.

How To Apply Online

1. Visit the Kwara State University portal on your device and click Create an Account.

2. Complete the registration form by providing the required information as shown and click Register.

3. Once you create an account or register with Kwara State University, they will automatically log you in.

4. The system will automatically send an SMS and email notification to your email and phone number to communicate your application details and login credentials.

5. Your username is the email address you entered at the point of registration, and your surname (last name) is your password.

6. You will receive a special application number once you have finished the registration process.

The username should be your application number, and the password should continue to be your last name. Later, you can change this password.

KWASU is one of the rising universities in Nigeria and it is a learning ground for as many that to make use of the opportunity they present.

Frequently Asked Questions on KWASU Courses Update 2023

1. Does KWASU Offer Nursing?

No, KWASU provides none of these courses.

2. Is Medicine And Surgery Accredited in KWASU?

Is Kwasi public health accredited? YES. Kwara State University (KWASU) offers public Health Science.

3. How Long Is KWASU Engineering Course?

Students offer general studies and entrepreneurship courses throughout the five-year program to assist the students in developing a social and entrepreneurial perspective of the engineering field.

4. How Long Is Nursing in KWASU?

The College now only accepts applicants for one program every year, a three-year Basic Nursing Program that begins in September and is designed for students who have completed their secondary education.

5. Does KWASU Accept 2nd Choice?

Yes, it is the answer. They accept the candidate that JAMB selected for them.

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