How to delete your youtube channel with ease, if you choose to temporarily hide content on your channel or permanently delete your channel you can effectively do it without stress. This article has all the information you need to undergo this process, keep reading.

How to Delete Your Youtube Channels

The YouTube platform is a rich source of amusing, thought-provoking, practical, and controversial content.

That being said, there may come a moment when giving up is the easiest option once you start enhancing it with your own movies, attempt to earn money from ads and get lost.

How to Delete Your YouTube Channels

Here’s how to delete or hide your YouTube account and channel if you decide it’s time to bid YouTube farewell.

All of your YouTube channel’s content is permanently deleted when you delete your channel. Past comments, messages, playlists, histories, and videos are all included here.

You may complete all of this without deleting your Google account.

Reminder: Your Community posts, comments, and replies will be permanently deleted if you hide or remove a YouTube channel.

How to Hide Your Channel Temporarily         

You can opt to enable content that has been hidden from view on your YouTube channel. Your channel’s name, videos, likes, subscriptions, and subscribers will all be hidden if you do this.

Feedback and comments will be erased forever. Your account information will remain on other Google properties.

Steps on how to hide your channel:

1. Sign in to YouTube Studio.

2. From the left sidebar, select Settings “.

3. Select Channel and then Advanced Settings.

4. At the bottom, select Remove YouTube Content. Note: This link will take you to a page where you can delete or hide your channel. You may be asked to enter your sign-in details.

5. Select “I want to hide my content”.

6. Select the boxes to confirm what will be hidden on your channel.

7. Select Hide my channel.

If you want to make your content viewable to others, or if you want to upload, comment, or use playlists, you can re-enable the channel.

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How to Delete Your Channel Permanently

All of your content on YouTube, including videos, comments, messages, playlists, and history, will be permanently deleted if your channel is closed.

On mobile devices, take note that you cannot currently delete a channel.

We could have a tougher difficulty regaining your account if you decide to permanently remove your channel.

Steps on how to delete your YouTube channel:

1. Sign in to YouTube Studio

2. From the left sidebar, select Settings.

3. Select Channel and then Advanced Settings.

4. ​At the bottom, select Remove YouTube Content. If you’re asked to, enter your sign-in details.

5. Select I want to permanently delete my content.

6. Select the boxes to confirm you want to delete your channel.

7. Select Delete my content.

Your channel may not be permanently deleted right away. You can still browse the site’s thumbnails of your videos for the time being.

Please take note that following these instructions will only remove your YouTube channel and not your Google Account. Find out how to completely remove your Google Account.

The URL and name of a deleted channel are no longer accessible or searchable in YouTube Analytics.

Data related to the channel, such as watch time, will still be included in aggregate statistics but won’t be linked to the channel that has been destroyed.

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