December 7, 2023

What does highlighted comment mean on Youtube: On YouTube, highlighted comments might not signify what you believe. Let’s discuss their use by the platform and how to get access to them.

What Does Highlighted Comment Mean on Youtube


On YouTube, you may have come across a comment that was marked as a “Highlighted comment.” What does a comment that has been highlighted mean, and why does it happen?

As it turns out, a lot of people are misinformed about this feature, and it’s probably not what you may assume.

What Does a Highlighted Comment Look Like?

Let’s first define the topic at hand. You might come across a comment marked as “Highlighted comment” in the comments section below a YouTube video. The label can be seen over the commenter’s name in light grey.

With a little different language, YouTube can also highlight answers to comments: highlighted reply.

Among the ways that YouTube has improved comments is by advising viewers to behave politely. Comment highlights are yet another little enhancement.

But What Does a Highlighted Comment Mean?

This function is misunderstood, and it’s much less thrilling than it appears to be! It’s better to get started by clearing up some of the most typical misconceptions. The maker of the video does not endorse highlighted comments, and other users do not vote on them.

Highlighted comments are little more than a bookmarking feature. Take a look at two URLs:


Despite having different looks, both URLs display the same video. However, one does so while the other does not. What is happening?

If you know how to read a URL, you might notice that the second example has an extra argument. Its name, lc, may be an acronym for “linked comment.” The highlighted comment is one of the comments underneath the video that is uniquely identified by its value.

When a YouTube website uses this parameter, it brings that particular comment to the top of the list of comments.

The label for the highlighted comment is also added. In the case of a reply, YouTube will place the parent comment first and the reply second.


Where you Might Come Across Highlighted Comments?

You can be notified when a user comments on a video that you host on YouTube. There will be a highlighted comment link in these alerts.

To view the comment in context, click this link; the website will prominently highlight it so you can find it quickly.

How to Highlight a Comment on YouTube

Remember that comments on YouTube cannot truly be highlighted. You can create a URL that will display a highlighted comment when someone visits it.

Such a URL can be posted on social media or sent directly to the recipient. If you have a website, you can add a link to it so anyone who clicks on it will see a highlighted YouTube comment.

To create a link with a highlighted comment:

  • Go to a video on YouTube with comments.
  • Scroll below the video to view comments and pick the one you want to highlight.
  • Click the time (e.g. 3 days ago) next to the commenter’s username.
  • The page will refresh, but with a different URL. This time, it will include the lc parameter.
  • Select the new URL in your browser’s address bar and copy it.
  • You can now paste the new URL into a WhatsApp chat, a new email, or anywhere else you might want to use it.

In conclusion, the connotation of “highlighted” in YouTube comments is more akin to “bookmarked” than “featured”. A comment that has been highlighted can be used to pinpoint a particular comment.

Particularly if you want to follow up on a comment later, they can be helpful to bookmark. Sending someone a URL is a great method to alert them to a comment that you might also want to attract their attention to.

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