Checking a credit card balance is a fairly simple process that is important to do regularly. You can check your balance through a variety of ways as explained in this vital post. Skip and you lose!

How to Check Credit Card Balance

Overview of Credit Card Balance

A credit card balance refers to the total amount of money that a credit card user owes to the credit card company. 

The balance changes based on the user’s spending habits, increasing when purchases are made and decreasing when payments are made. 

Any remaining balance at the end of the billing cycle rolls over to the next month’s statement and incurs interest charges. 

Checking your credit card balance is important for calculating your credit score and determining the risk and cost associated with extending further credit to you. 

Credit cards have become popular due to their ability to offer features and benefits that cater to individual needs, such as the Buy Now, Pay Later option. 

However, it’s important to monitor your credit card balance regularly since it is a revolving credit that requires repayment on a set schedule. 

By checking your credit card balance before making a purchase, you can keep track of your balance and avoid waiting for your credit card statement.

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Benefits of Tracking Credit Card Balance

It’s important to keep track of your credit card balance on a regular basis if you use it for purchases. The following are some advantages of monitoring your credit card balance:

It Enables You to Know the Outstanding Amount

Knowing the amount you still owe and how much you need to pay off on time is one advantage of monitoring your credit card balance.

In addition, it lets you record authorized transactions to your bank and examine unbilled charges. It’s the most effective approach to keep your credit card information current and prevent late payments.

You Can Find out the Available Balance on Your Credit Card

You can decide how wisely to spend after you are aware of how much you have spent or owe your issuing bank.

By keeping an eye on your credit card balance, you can avoid the awkward situation of having your credit card denied when making a transaction.

Monitor and Report Fraudulent Charges

You may monitor every transaction made with your credit card by checking your balance. This is an additional advantage.

You can dispute any unauthorized or fraudulent purchases that you discover on your credit card right away by getting in touch with Kotak Mahindra.

By taking this action, you would avoid having to pay for unnecessary costs.

How to Check Your Credit Card Balance

You have multiple options for monitoring the balance on your credit card. The top methods for determining your credit balance are as follows:

Credit Card Statement

Every month, following the conclusion of the monthly period, your credit card issuer will mail you the credit card statement. Each month, credit card statements are produced.

Your bank will courier a paper copy of your credit card statement if you request one, even though it is given to you electronically. It includes details on the amount on your credit card.

Internet Banking

The best thing about credit cards in India is that you can use them to make purchases online or check your credit card balance using the Internet banking service your bank offers.

To check your credit card balance, you’ll need to enter your username and password. The credit card statement is typically visible on the dashboard or in the “My Account” section.

If your credit card statement for the current month hasn’t been generated yet, you can check the current amount that’s outstanding.

Mobile App

It is true, indeed. By going to your local ATM, you can check the balance on your credit card.

You must swipe your credit card at an ATM and select the ‘Card Balance’ option in order to view your credit card balance.

It will ask for your PIN to be entered. Your credit card balance will show up on the screen when you enter your PIN.

Visiting the ATM

There are several ways to check the balance on your credit card.

Visiting an ATM and choosing the balance inquiry option will show you your credit card balance as of right now. This is one method of checking your balance.


Another way is to receive your balance by replying to an SMS sent to a number your credit card issuer has provided, usually in a particular format.

Contact Customer Care

Another method for “how to check my credit card balance” is to get in touch with customer support and provide the information needed for validation.

These options provide practical ways to keep track of your credit card balance.

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The Bottom Line

It is crucial to be aware of your balance in order to avoid reaching your credit limit and overspending.

Regularly checking your balance can also help you avoid unexpected fees and enable you to improve your credit score.

There are multiple options available for checking your balance, such as online, through an app, by phone, or by reviewing your monthly statements.

Regardless of the method you choose, it is always a good idea to check your credit card balance to protect yourself from overspending, going over your credit limit, and quickly identifying fraudulent activity.

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