February 24, 2024

Claiming reward points is easy with HDFC Bank. Once customers have accumulated 500 points they can redeem them for products, gift vouchers, and discounts. Let’s show you how!

How to Redeem HDFC Credit Card Points

HDFC Credit Card Points

A variety of credit cards with special features and advantages are available from HDFC. In addition to many other options, there are cards for shopping, travel, and cashback.

In addition, I receive rewards (reward points) for every purchase made with my HDFC Credit card.

Gift cards, discounts, air miles, and anything from the rewards catalog can all be purchased with reward points. Every credit card has a unique set of rewards points that can be earned.

With this card, we take care of all the details regarding the rate of reward points for various HDFC Bank credit cards as well as the entire rewards redemption process.

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Earn Reward Points on HDFC Credit Card

All of your physical and online transactions might earn you reward points. Your rewards account is credited with reward points each time you make a purchase.

You can arrange your spending such that you get the most reward points possible. The reward points obtained with various credit cards are shown in the table below.

How Do I Use My HDFC Credit Card Reward Points?
Reward points on the HDFC credit card can now be redeemed online or by mail if you’ve accumulated a respectable amount.

Rewards Redemption – Online

  • After logging in, select the “credit cards” link at the top of the HDFC Bank Netbanking screen.
  • Select the “register new card” tab located in the navigation bar on the left.
  • After completing the registration process, select “redeem reward points.” Click “continue” after choosing your card to access the online redemption portal.
  • Click “redeem reward points” on the online redemption portal’s homepage. To view the catalogue, select “item category” and “points range.”
  • You can view the items in your shopping cart and choose the ones you wish to purchase by using your reward points.
  • Examine the “terms and conditions,” tick the box to indicate that you agree with them, and then click “redeem” to submit the redemption request.
  • Your redemption order will be generated once you have confirmed the redemption.
  • Your registered address will receive delivery of the gift items.

Rewards Redemption – Through Post

The “rewards redemption form” is available for download online. After completing the form, mail it to HDFC Bank’s customer service address.

Options to Redeem HDFC Reward Points

The following alternatives are available from HDFC for using your reward points:

  • Catalog of prizes: You can exchange your reward points for a variety of goods and gift cards found in the catalog of rewards. Your registered address will get the selected products.
  • Air miles: On Jet Airways and Krisflyer, you can exchange your accrued reward points for air miles. There are limited credit cards that allow you to redeem incentives in lieu of flying miles. The online form for redeeming air miles can be downloaded, and then mailed to HDFC Bank’s customer service address.
  • Cashback: On certain credit cards, you may exchange your reward points for cashback. Within ten business days, the cashback will be credited to your bank account. The cashback redemption form is available for download online. Fill it out, then mail it to HDFC Bank’s customer service address.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Validity of Reward Points on Hdfc Credit Card?

The two-year validity term applies to the reward points on the HDFC credit card. Certain credit cards, like the HDFC Diners Club Black Credit Card, have a three-year validity period.

What Can I Do if the Product Received is Damaged?

You can contact HDFC customer service and let them know about the situation in such a scenario. The bank is going to provide a free pick-up and replacement service.

When are the Products Delivered?

The redemption request takes ten days to be approved after you confirm it, after which it is sent to the address.

What are the Charges for Rewards Redemption?

The incentive redemption cost charged by the HDFC bank is ₹99, although this could change in the future.

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Using your HDFC credit card earns you points every month that you can redeem for items or e-vouchers.

When you’re ready to redeem your points, visit the HDFC website to complete the process online or through the mail.

You need a net banking account to redeem your HDFC rewards points online, but you can redeem them through the mail if you don’t have an account.

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