It is notable that people want to know how to activate AXIS bank credit card, sign up on the Axis Bank Mobile App, and add their credit cards. All the relevant information about AXIS Bank cards is covered in this post. Read down!

How to Activate Axis Bank Credit Card

Overview of Axis Bank Credit Card

Credit cards can be a valuable tool for building credit scores and financial discipline, while also providing rewards, benefits, discounts, and cashback.

Among private banks, Axis Bank is the third largest credit card issuer and fourth largest in India, following HDFC Bank, State Bank of India, and ICICI Bank.

However, activating credit cards with Axis Bank can be challenging, particularly with Add-on Credit Cards 46, due to the bank’s stringent procedures.

Recently, Citibank transferred its consumer business to Axis Bank, giving the bank direct control over Citibank-issued credit cards in India. The transfer process concluded in May 2023.

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Axis Bank Credit Card Activation

To activate your Axis Bank Credit Card, you need to provide the 16-digit credit card number and your registered mobile number.

Once you enter the required details, you can generate a login ID and password for your Axis Bank Credit Card. This can be done either through online or offline channels.

Once you have successfully created your login credentials, you can set up your credit card PIN and enable transactions such as offline, online, one-touch, domestic, and international transactions.

How to Activate Your Axis Bank Card Online?

There are two convenient ways to activate your Axis Bank Credit Card using online channels. One is by accessing Axis Bank Net Banking, and the other is by logging into the Axis Bank mobile application.

Both methods are seamless and easy, allowing you to generate your Axis Bank Credit Card login ID and password within minutes.

How to Activate an Axis Bank Credit Card through Netbanking?

One of the easiest ways to activate an Axis Bank credit card is through Axis Bank Net Banking; if you are already a customer, the process can be even simpler.

To activate their Axis Bank credit card, all customers can skip this step and go straight to the credit cards section instead of creating a new login ID and password. Here are the steps:

  • Go to the official Axis Bank website.
  • Go to the Axis Bank Net Banking Login Page and enter your password and login ID.
  • Hover the mouse pointer over the “Menu” option in the dropdown menu and select “Accounts.”
  • Select the credit card from the “More Services” menu by clicking on “My Credit Cards,” and then click “Credit Card PIN Change.”
  • Click the “Go” button to confirm the commands, type in a new secret PIN, and then choose “Next.”
  • To verify your identity on the registered mobile number, you will need to enter a NetSecure code that Axis Bank will send you.

This is the last and crucial step for generating the PIN. Click on ‘Confirm’ after entering the card code to process the Axis Bank Credit Card activation.

How to Activate Axis Bank Credit Card through a Mobile App?

In a similar way, you can activate your Axis Bank Credit Card through the Axis Bank mobile application. See the steps below:

  • Launch the Axis Bank mobile app, then enter your login credentials to log in.
  • Go to the “Banking” menu and search for the “Services” tab. Next, select the “Credit Card” option.
  • The ‘Set/Reset PIN’ option must then be tapped.
  • A one-time password (OTP) that was sent to the registered mobile number with Axis Bank must be entered.
  • You can choose to enter a 4-digit PIN for your Axis Bank credit card after entering the OTP.

To verify your identity, your Mobile Banking Personal Identification Number (MPIN) must be used to validate the 4-digit Axis Bank Credit Card PIN.

You will receive a confirmation message from Axis Bank indicating that the Axis Bank Credit Card PIN has been successfully changed after completing the previously mentioned 5-step process.

How to Activate Axis Bank Credit Card Offline?

In order to enable people who live in remote areas with no or limited access to broadband and mobile internet services to activate their credit cards and begin using the services, Axis Bank also permits the Axis Bank Credit Card to be used through offline channels.

There are two ways to activate your Axis Bank credit card offline: going to the Axis Bank ATM closest to you, or getting in touch with Axis Bank customer service.

How to Activate an Axis Bank Credit Card through Axis Bank ATM?

The closest Axis Bank ATM can be used to successfully activate your Axis Bank credit card.

Step 1: Insert your Axis Bank credit card into the ATM kiosk by moving the chip forward.

Step 2: Click “Generate OTP” after selecting the “Set PIN” option. The registered mobile number will get the OTP.

Step 3: Your personal information, including your date of birth, registered mobile number, and credit card expiration date, will need to be entered in order to verify your identity.

Step 4: After that, you can create a new 4-digit PIN by entering the received OTP and confirming it again. Following a successful PIN change, a confirmation message will be delivered to the registered mobile number.

How to Activate Axis Bank Credit Cards via Customer Care?

Since all you have to do is call the official Axis Bank Credit Card Customer Care number from your registered mobile number, activating an Axis Bank Credit Card through customer care support may be the simplest option of all.

The 16-digit Axis Bank credit card number and other pertinent personal data, like your birthdate, will be required to be entered. To set up or modify the PIN, use your mobile device to enter the desired 4-digit PIN.

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Axis Bank Credit Card Activation FAQs

Q1: How to activate a Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card?

As mentioned above, co-branded credit cards are also activated in a comparable way. You can use any of the methods mentioned to set up a Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card.

Q2: How to activate Axis Bank Credit Card for online transactions?

Through the Axis Bank mobile app, Axis Bank net banking, Axis Bank ATM, and Axis Bank customer care support, the Axis Bank Credit Card can be used for online, offline, domestic, and international transactions.

Q3: How to check Axis Credit Card activation status?

The process of activating an Axis Bank credit card is now done instantly. Upon successful PIN generation, the user will receive an instant message verifying the credit card status.

Q4: If the Axis Bank Credit Card activation code is lost, then can we get it again?

Sure. The entire procedure needs to be restarted.

Q5: What is Axis Bank’s credit card activation customer care number?

The customer service numbers for Axis Bank credit card activation are 1860-500-5555 and 1860-419-5555.

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