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Closing, canceling, or deactivating a Credit card has been made as easy as applying for the same. Let’s now see how to close HDFC credit card online and offline at our convenience. See the full details!

How to Close HDFC Credit Card

Overview of HDFC Credit Card

It is not always easy to maintain a credit card, and many cardholders eventually realize this. Sometimes, people prefer to use their debit card or cash instead of a credit card.

There are also instances where people want to switch to a different card that better suits their financial needs. In such cases, it is advisable to cancel or close the credit card that they no longer wish to use.

HDFC Bank has a proper procedure in place for the cancellation or deactivation of a credit card.

After the cardholder raises a request, the bank takes 7-10 working days to terminate the credit card.

Canceling an HDFC credit card is a simple process, and cardholders can do so by following the steps listed below.

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Different Ways to Close HDFC Credit Card

How to Close HDFC Credit Card by Calling Customer Care?

HDFC Bank’s customer care service allows their clients to easily close or cancel their credit cards at any time of the day by dialing the toll-free number “61606161” which is available 24/7.

If customers have any queries, they can easily get them resolved by contacting this number.

Additionally, HDFC Bank provides city-specific customer care numbers to make things more convenient for their users.

Below are the HDFC Bank customer care numbers for specific cities, along with their respective city codes:

HDFC Bank Customer Care Numbers
Ahmedabad079 61606161
Bangalore080 61606161
Chandigarh0172 6160616
Chennai044 61606161
Cochin0484 6160616
Delhi & NCR011 61606161
Hyderabad040 61606161
Indore0731 6160616
Jaipur0141 6160616
Kolkata033 61606161
Lucknow0522 6160616
Mumbai022 61606161
Pune020 61606161

Note: You could be charged for calling as per your tariff plan with the service provider For any other city which is not cited above, customers can visit this link.

How to Close an HDFC Credit Card by Filling out The Form? 

The processes for canceling an HDFC credit card by completing an application are as follows:-

  • To begin with, get the HDFC credit card closure form from this link.
  • After filling out the form, send it to the address listed below.

The Bank Cards Division of HDFC

Post Office Box No. 8654, Thiruvanmiyur P.O.

Chennai 60041, India

Once the credit card has been canceled, the cardholder should cut it diagonally.

Furthermore, the termination of add-on credit cards would occur automatically if the principal credit card was canceled or closed.

How to Close HDFC Credit Card Temporarily in Case of Fraudulent Activity?

You should notify your bank as soon as possible if you believe that there has been fraud on your card or that an unlawful transaction has been made.

The following are the many channels via which a card might be banned in the event of fraud with HDFC Bank.

How to Close an HDFC Credit Card Using Net Banking?

Following are some of the simple steps, using which you can get your credit card blocked using net banking:-

  • First, Simply login to the HDFC Website by clicking on- https://netbanking.hdfcbank.com/netbanking/.
  • Enter your customer ID & your password.
  • Once you are logged in, go to the “Card” Tab.
  • Then, under the Credit Card Section, go to “Request”.
  • After clicking on Credit Cart Hotlisting, your bank will block your card.

How to Close HDFC Credit Card Using Mobile Banking?

The easy actions listed below can be used to block your credit card through mobile banking:

  • Before using mobile banking to block your credit card, make sure you have the HDFC mobile banking app installed on your device. Users of iOS and Android can download it from the App Store or Play Store, respectively.
  • To log in, you have the option of using Touch ID or a 4-digit PIN.
  • Select “Menu”, then “Pay”, and finally navigate to the “Cards” area.
  • Choose the credit card from the list of cards that have fraudulent activity on it that you need to block.
  • After stating the reason for the card’s closure (loss or theft), click the “Block” option to have the card closed or blocked.
  • You can even choose to have a new credit card issued using mobile banking exclusively after the original card has been blocked.

How to Close HDFC Credit Card Using Phone Banking?

If there is any fraudulent activity on your HDFC credit card, you can report it by calling your phone banking number and getting your credit card closed.

You may find out the customer service number for your location by visiting HDFC’s official website. It will vary depending on the city or nation you live in.

To report fraudulent activity or to have the credit card frozen, one can also give 18002586161 a call. It is possible to request that the bank provide a new credit card once it has been blocked.

Things to Keep Handy Before Calling Phone Banking to Report Unauthorised Transaction

Once you’ve decided to report the fraud by calling the customer service hotline, you should prepare the following information beforehand.

  • Bank Card
  • The nature of the transaction, such as if an online transaction was made with it or what
  • The amount of the transaction as well as the date the fraudulent transaction happened

For NRIs, the HDFC Phone Banking Number is:

CountryPhone Banking Number
United States of America855-999-6061
Other countries91-2267606161

Things to Keep in Mind While Closing HDFC Credit Card

Customers frequently think that managing credit cards is quite difficult, or occasionally they find a better solution.

Thus, it is crucial that you understand how to cancel or deactivate an HDFC credit card as well as any other bank credit card.

Now, let’s review some important things to think about before learning how to cancel an HDFC credit card, either online or offline:

Payment of Dues: Following their application for the closure or cancellation of their credit card, cardholders must ensure that any overdue EMIs or outstanding balances owed on their account have been settled.

The bank would notify them via phone or email at their registered phone number or email address, respectively, if the payment is not cleared or made.

Redemption of Reward Points: Before requesting the cancellation of a credit card, cardholders should ascertain how many reward points remain unredeemed.

They can use the same to purchase eye-catching goods and to receive sizeable savings on the goods and services included in the bank’s rewards catalog.

Ensure that the credit card is not used right before cancellation: The credit cardholder should be fully aware that the bank will not handle their request for closure or cancellation if they use the credit card right before closing it.

It would only be taken into consideration if the cardholder had paid off all outstanding balances.

Examine the most recent credit card statement closely for any signs of fraud: Before requesting the termination of their credit card, credit cardholders should carefully review their most recent credit card statement to make sure no fraudulent transactions have occurred.

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