February 24, 2024

Colorado College Acceptance Rate:  Interested in attending Colorado College? Check out their acceptance rate. In order for you to have a strong chance of being admitted, we will guide you and cover everything you need to know about Colorado College as you read on.

Colorado College Acceptance Rate

About Colorado College

Colorado College, a private institution established in 1874, boasts a student body of 2,241 undergraduates as of the fall of 2021 and occupies a campus spanning 100 acres.

The unique academic calendar at Colorado College is based on the Block Plan, where students enroll in a single course every three-and-a-half weeks.

Unlike traditional semester-based systems, classes under this plan have no fixed duration and can be extended as needed by the instructor.

Additionally, students enjoy a four-and-a-half-day Block Break each month to recharge before embarking on a new course. In total, they complete eight courses annually.

Colorado College has earned the rank of #29 in the National Liberal Arts Colleges category in the 2024 edition of Best Colleges. The institution charges tuition and fees amounting to $65,028.

On campus, students can partake in annual events like the Winter Ball, a formal dance, and CC Lollapalooza, a music festival.

Volunteerism holds a prominent place in the student body’s ethos, with all first-year students required to complete a service trip before their freshman year.

Furthermore, students have the option to engage in the Community Engaged Leadership Certificate Program as they progress in their studies.


Colorado College Acceptance Rate

Colorado College maintains a selective admission process with an acceptance rate of 14%. Applicants should note that the application deadline for Colorado College falls on January 15th.

The admissions committee at Colorado College places significant emphasis on a student’s GPA as a crucial academic criterion.

Additionally, they take into account an applicant’s high school class rank, when it is available.

Letters of recommendation are also regarded as important by the admissions officials at Colorado College during the evaluation process.

Colorado College SAT Score

The 25th percentile SAT score at Colorado College is 1300, indicating that scoring below this level would position you as below average.

Conversely, achieving a score of 1470 or higher would elevate your standing to above average.

While there isn’t a strict SAT score requirement at Colorado College, it’s highly recommended to aim for at least 1300 to enhance your chances of being considered.


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