February 24, 2024

Reed College Acceptance Rate:  Interested in attending Reed College? Check out their acceptance rate. In order for you to have a strong chance of being admitted, we will guide you and cover everything you need to know about Reed College as you read on.

Reed College Acceptance Rate

About Reed College

Reed College stands out as a unique institution in the United States, offering a distinctive liberal arts experience.

This experience is characterized by a structured curriculum that places a strong emphasis on personal inquiry, extensive feedback from professors on assignments (both written and in-person), and a deeply collaborative academic environment.

Students at Reed have the flexibility to choose from 38 majors, including 14 interdisciplinary options, along with 15 minors and two dual-degree programs.

The college maintains small class sizes, ensuring that students have easy access to faculty members and encouraging active participation in the creation of new knowledge.

The Reed community operates under the guiding principles of the Honor Principle, which emphasizes the importance of independent thought, mutual trust, and respect.

These values foster an environment where students feel a sense of connection, are consistently challenged, and find fulfillment in their academic pursuits.

Reed College attracts culturally diverse students from 49 states, and interestingly, Reedies often travel greater distances to attend Reed College than students from any other school in the nation.

The student body also includes a notable nine percent international student population.

Reed’s curriculum, known for its breadth, depth, and rigor, offers excellent preparation for a wide range of career paths.

The college boasts impressive rankings, being second in the nation for the percentage of graduates who earn PhDs in the life sciences, third for graduates earning PhDs in the arts and humanities, and fourth across all disciplines.

Many Reed alumni go on to achieve significant milestones, such as receiving major graduate fellowships, founding or leading companies and organizations, and earning advanced degrees in fields like medicine, business, or law.

Reed College

Reed College follows a selective admissions process, with an acceptance rate of 44%. Successful applicants to Reed typically possess an average SAT score ranging from 1320 to 1520 or an average ACT score ranging from 30 to 34.

The standard deadline for regular admissions applications at Reed College is January 15th. Additionally, prospective students have the option to apply through early action or early decision.

The early action deadline falls on November 1st, and the early decision deadline is also on November 1st.

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