February 25, 2024

Best Nursing Programs in the US: It’s an excellent time to enter the nursing field, and our list of the Ideal Nursing Colleges and Universities in America may help you pick the best school for your undergraduate Nursing degree. Keep reading!

Best Nursing Programs in the US

10 Best Nursing Programs in the US

According to the World Health Organization, the following are the top 10 nursing programs in the United States for international students:

1. The University of Illinois at Chicago

The Global Network of WHO Collaborating Centres ranks the University of Illinois College of Nursing as one of the top ten nursing programs in the United States (WHOCCs).

At the University of Illinois, students of different colors, countries, and backgrounds will study from award-winning academics and doctors.

These individuals do nursing research that directly benefits patients in our local and global communities.

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2. University of Pennsylvania

The Penn School of Nursing provides its students with the highest levels of scholarship, allowing foreign students to learn from some of the world’s best nursing experts.

Penn Nursing has a number of foreign student nursing programs available, including the Visiting International PhD Scholars Program.

International students finish a year of doctorate education in their native country before coming to Penn for a year of study.

During this year, overseas students can refine their research topic before returning to their home university to finish their degree.

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The University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA), established in 1919, is one of the world’s most well-known research institutions.

UCLA’s faculty includes Nobel Laureates, Pulitzer Prize winners, MacArthur Fellows, and members of several national academies.

UCLA just obtained one of the largest international grants—$1.7 million—to improve nursing practice at the Hong Kong Sanatorium Hospital.

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4. University of Alabama

International students at the University of Alabama will experience a culturally, intellectually, and economically diverse campus environment.

The University of Alabama has 30,000 students from all across the United States and more than 90 other countries. International students account for over 5% of the entire student population.

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5. Case Western Reserve

Case Western Reserve University’s Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing (FPB) is a world leader in nursing teaching and research.

Students are self-assured, energetic healthcare workers eager to change the nursing profession and the health of local and global populations worldwide.

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6. Columbia University

The Columbia School of Nursing is internationally recognized and clinically unsurpassed, with awards for research and curricular improvements.

The school has made significant contributions to the nursing profession, including the creation of the first universal faculty practice plan in a nursing school, the first endowed Chair in Health Policy, the first World Health Organization Collaborating Center in Advanced Practice Nursing, and the first clinical practice doctorate, the DNP.

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7. University of Michigan

The University of Michigan School of Nursing welcomes foreign students from throughout the world. The International Scholars Program, which allows international nursing students, professors, and researchers to become a member of the learning community, is coordinated by the Office of Global Outreach (GO).

From doctorate students seeking research or clinical experience to professors on leave, the University of Michigan will work with anyone to bring them to the United States and connect them with educational opportunities.

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8. University of Maryland

The University of Maryland has a program for International Visiting Scholars (IVSP). This program allows committed nursing scholars to collaborate with an appropriate UMSON faculty mentor to develop particular learning objectives and undertake associated activities.

This program aims to broaden foreign students’ global health nursing experience and develop them as leaders, educators, and researchers, with an emphasis on developing new collaborations and projects.

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9. New York University

NYU has established a new Global Health Scholars Program to promote international student exchange and help health professionals throughout the world implement evidence-based approaches in their communities.

NYU has established significant relationships with universities and healthcare facilities in Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean. Many nurse educators from across the world come to NYU to teach and learn.

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10. University of Miami

The University of Miami School of Nursing and Health Studies has a “world-class reputation” as one of the world’s best healthcare educational programs.

The program is evolving to suit the needs of global healthcare. Every year, about 2,725 foreign students (undergraduate and graduate), scholars (professors and researchers), and observers from more than 110 nations from every part of the world come to the University of Miami to study, teach, conduct research, and observe.

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