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Tuition Free Universities in Norway: Are you aware of the Tuition free universities in Norway and their requirements? If not, here is the article that covers all you need to know about Tuition Free Universities in Norway. However, let’s understand the advantages of studying at Norway universities. 

Tuition Free Universities

Why Study in Norway?

There are several reasons why students, both national and foreign, choose to study in Norway.

Apart from the natural beauty that Norway has to offer, there are other factors that make Norway an excellent choice for most students.

However, the four most significant reasons you should study in Norway are summarised here:

1. Quality Education

Despite the country’s small size, its institutions and colleges are known for providing high-quality education.

As a result, studying in Norway broadens one’s professional options, both nationally and internationally.

2. Language

Although this country is not entirely English-speaking, many of its institutions’ degree programmes and courses are taught in English.

However, the high proportion of English in the community makes it easier to study and live in Norway.

3. Free Education

Norway, as we all know, is a small country with vast resources. Norwegian authorities/leadership desire to preserve and create a high-quality educational system that is accessible to all students, regardless of background.

However, keep in mind that Norway is a high-cost country, so an overseas student must be able to afford his or her living expenses for the duration of the study.

4. Livable Society

Equality is a deeply held principle in Norwegian society, even in legislation and custom.

Norway is a safe society in which individuals of all classes, backgrounds, and cultures may interact without judgement. It is a welcoming society full of kind individuals.

However, this is critical since it allows students, both national and foreign, to be themselves while also enjoying their studies.

Requirements for Norway Universities Application

The following are a few of the various prerequisites and documentation required to study in Norway, particularly at different universities.

However, the general requirements will be provided below:

  • A passing grade on any English proficiency exam. However, this varies depending on your nation.
  • A student apartment application form with a passport photograph. The University generally requires this.
  • A Visa.
  • Admission paperwork to a recognised educational institution. There’s also the University requirement.
  • An undergraduate/degree Bachelor’s certificate is necessary for master’s students.
  • Enough money for living costs and proof of account
  • Housing documentation/housing plan
  • Photograph for a passport.

15 Best Tuition-Free Universities in Norway 

Below is the list of Tuition free Universities in Norway:

1. Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU)

As Norway is home to the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. It was founded in 1859, evolved into a university college in 1897, and then into a complete university in 2005, admitting a sizable number of international students.

Science, Technology, Food Science, Biosciences, Business, Economics, Veterinary Medicine, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Landscaping, Environmental Science, and other degrees are available at NMBU.

Tuition at this university is free for overseas students, however, they must pay a semester fee of around NOK 470 ($55) to participate in several student programmes and enjoy student welfare.

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2. University of Bergen


The University of Bergen, abbreviated UiB, stands out as one of Norway’s greatest top tuition-free colleges. It was founded in 1946 and now has over 14,000 students, both Norwegians and foreign students, enjoying a high-quality education.

Law, Medicine, Mathematics and Natural Science, Psychology, Music & Fine Art, Social Sciences, Humanities, and more degrees are available at the University of Bergen.

Tuition is free for all students here, but they must pay a Student welfare organisation assistance charge of around NOK 590 ($65) every semester.

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3. Norwegian University of Science and Technology


The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) is divided into three campuses: Trondheim, Gjovik, and Lesund. It was founded in 1760 and has since grown to become one of Norway’s top three universities.

NTNU offers degrees in the following fields to students of many nationalities: information technology, engineering, architecture and design, medicine, humanities, natural sciences, health science, management, education, social science, and economics.

Tuition at this university is free since it is subsidised by the government, allowing students to get a free, high-quality education.

Every semester, international students will only pay a semester fee of roughly NOK 580 ($68) to participate in student groups and get welfare services.

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4. Western Norway University of Applied Sciences


Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL) is one of the Tuition Free Universities in Norway, it was formed in 2017 by the amalgamation of universities in Stord, Sogndal, Bergen, Frde, and Haugesund, and it has campuses in all five places.

Students can get a degree in Health & Social Sciences, Education & Arts, Business Administration, or Engineering & Science while also participating in food, practical, health, and maritime activities, and attending a driving school.

Tuition at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences is free for both domestic and foreign students. However, international students will be required to pay a semester fee for student welfare.

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5. Ostfold University College


Ostfold University College, one of the Tuition Free Universities in Norway was founded in 2018 after certain Oslo universities amalgamated with other Oslo institutions. It is in Viken County, with campuses in Halsen and Frederikstad.

International students can study for degrees in Business, Computer science, Engineering, Social science, Theatre Studies, Health Science, Education, and Foreign language at no cost.

Apart from a small semester fee of NOK 600 ($70) every semester, tuition at Ostfold University College is free because the university is publicly sponsored.

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6. University of Agder

The University of Agder is another tuition-free university in Norway on our list.

It was founded in 2007. However, it was once known as Agder University College before becoming a full-fledged university with campuses in Kristiansand and Grimstad.

Despite this, it has over 11,000 students and 1,100 administrative employees. Social Sciences, Fine Arts, Health and Sport Sciences, Humanities and Education, Engineering and Science, and a School of Business and Law are among its faculties.

This institute primarily conducts research in areas such as artificial intelligence, signal processing, European studies, gender studies, and so on.

Although this university exempts students from paying tuition, students pursuing a full-time degree must pay an annual semester fee of $93.

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7. Oslo Metropolitan University


Oslo Metropolitan University is one of the tuition-free universities in Norway. However, this is a state university and one of Norway’s newest institutes, with campuses in Oslo and Akershus.

It was founded in 2018, however, and presently has 20,000 students, 1,366 academic personnel, and 792 administrative employees.

Previously, it was called as Stfold University College. The institution is divided into four faculties: Health Science, Education and International Studies, Social Sciences, and Technology, Art, and Design.

Despite this, it boasts four research institutes and a number of rankings. It also charges a $ 70-semester fee.

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8. The Arctic University of Norway


The Arctic University of Norway is ranked eighth on our list of tuition-free universities in Norway.

Troms, Norway, is home to the world’s northernmost educational institution. It was founded in 1968 and first opened its doors in 1972.

However, it presently boasts 17,808 students and 3,776 employees. It provides degrees in the arts, sciences, business, and education.

Nonetheless, it is Norway’s third-finest university and a tuition-free university for overseas students.

Furthermore, it is one of the country’s major institutions in terms of the student population, both domestic and international.

Except for exchange students, students at UiT pay a low semester cost of $73. Furthermore, this covers enrollment processes, examinations, student ID cards, and extracurricular activities.

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9. University of South-Eastern Norway


The University of South-Eastern Norway is a new public university that opened in 2018 and has approximately 17,000 students.

It is one of Norway’s tuition-free universities for international students, founded on the continuation of Telemark, Buskerud, and Vestfold university colleges.

Despite this, this institute, abbreviated as US, has many campuses. Horten, Kongsberg, Drammen, Rauland, Notoden, Porsgrunn, Telemark B, and Hnefoss have them. This is because of the merger.

Health and Social Sciences, Humanities and Education, Business, and Technology and Maritime Sciences are its four faculties. These faculties have established twenty departments.

Nonetheless, USN students must pay an annual semester fee of $108. Despite the fact that this includes the costs of running a student organisation, as well as printing and copying.

However, outside this fee, postgraduate students may be charged additional fees, depending on the course of study.

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10. Western Norway University of Applied Sciences


This is a public educational university that was established in 2017. However, it was founded by the merger of five distinct institutes, resulting in five campuses in Bergen, Stord, Haugesund, Sogndal, and Frde.

This university, also known as HVL, provides undergraduate and graduate programmes in the faculties of Education and Arts, Engineering and Science, Health and Social Science, and Business Administration.

It does, however, have over 16,000 students, both local and foreign.

It has a diving school as well as various research centres for Evidence-Based Practice, Education, Health, Kindergarten Knowledge, Food, and Maritime Activity.

Despite the fact that it is a free-tuition university, all students must pay an annual fee of $1,168. However, students may be forced to pay additional fees for excursions and field trips.

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11. University of Nordland (UiN)


The University of Nordland, abbreviated as the UIN, was once known as the Bod University College and was located in the city of Bod, Norway. It was founded in the year 2011.

In January 2016, however, this university merged with Nesna University/College and Nord-Trndelag University/College to become Nord University, Norway.

This university provides a welcoming environment for studying, exploring, and conducting research. It has roughly 5700 pupils and 600 employees.

Nonetheless, with learning facilities distributed over Nordland County, UIN is a key learning, study, and research centre in the country.

It is one of Norway’s tuition-free universities and a must-choose tuition-free university for overseas students. However, this school provides a variety of degree courses ranging from arts to science in various distinguished departments.

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12. University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS)


UNIS, or the University Centre in Svalbard, is a Norwegian state-owned university. It was founded in 1993 and is active in research as well as providing excellent university-level education in Arctic studies.

Nonetheless, the Ministry of Education and Research owns the entire institution, as do the universities of Oslo, Bergen, Troms, NTNU, and NMBU, which nominated the board of directors.

This institute, on the other hand, is directed by a director nominated by the board for a four-year tenure. This facility, located in Longyearbyen at 78° N latitude, is the world’s northernmost research and higher education institute.

The courses available, however, are divided into four faculties: Arctic biology, Arctic geology, Arctic geophysics, and Arctic technology.

This is one of the newest institutes, with about 600 students and 45 administrative personnel. Although it is a tuition-free institution, international students are asked to pay a monthly fee of less than $125 to cover academic expenses, etc.

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13. Narvik University/College

This institute combined with UiT, Norway’s Arctic University. This occurred on January 1st, 2016. Narvik University College, often known as Hgskolen I Narvik (HiN), was founded in 1994.

This Narvik University College provides a high-quality education that is well-regarded throughout the country. Despite being one of Norway’s newest institutions, Narvik University College rates highly in international rankings.

However, Narvik University College goes out of its way to help any student who has financial difficulties. Nonetheless, this university provides a diverse range of courses such as Nursing, Business Administration, Engineering, and so on.

Students are not confined to these full-time programmes because the institution also offers online courses and programmes.

This university, on the other hand, has roughly 2000 students and 220 personnel, including academy and administrative staff.

Furthermore, it is an excellent choice of school for foreign students, particularly those looking for tuition-free institutions in Norway for international students.

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14. Gjøvik University/College


This Institute is a Norwegian University/College, abbreviated as HiG. However, it was founded on August 1, 1994, and it is one of Norway’s tuition-free institutions.

The university lies in the Norwegian town of Gjvik. Furthermore, it is a public higher education institute that amalgamated in 2016 with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. This resulted in the campus name NTNU, Gjvik, Norway.

Nonetheless, this institute has an average of 2000 students and 299 employees, including academic and administrative personnel.

This university welcomes a large number of international students each year, earning it the title as one of Norway’s tuition-free institutions for international students.

It does, however, provide students and faculty with the option to participate in foreign exchange programmes. Nonetheless, it provides a wide range of study resources, such as its own library, a pleasant learning atmosphere, and campuses.

Finally, it has various national and international rankings. There are other famous alumni and faculty members sprinkled among the departments.

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15. Harstad University/College


This university was a hgskole, a Norwegian governmental college of higher education based in the Norwegian city of Harstad.

However, it was founded on October 28, 1983, but it was formally recognised as a university on August 1, 1994. This occurred due to the merger of three regional hgskoler.

In 2012, Harstad University/College had around 1300 students and 120 employees. This university is divided into two faculties: Business Administration and Social Sciences and Health and Social Care. Which has a number of departments.

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