To be well informed about the UGC scholarship portal, then you need to read on. The mistake most people make is that they think they know when they really don’t. This is why we are here to enlighten you regarding the UGC scholarship portal.

UGC Scholarship Portal

UGC Scholarship Portal

The Scholarship and Fellowship Management Portal (SFMP), a website used to manage the distribution of scholarship and fellowship funding, is overseen by the UGC.

As per the monthly confirmation of applicants by the relevant university, institution, or college, payments to awards are automatically produced on the authorized web portal,, for all recipients linked by university, institution, or college.

The University Grants Commission’s (UGC) updated interface now has additional functionality, such as:

1. User-Initiated

2. Grievance and Confirmation Tracking

3. Onboarding for Academic Users

4. Monthly Payment



Due to an antiquated and slow payment system, as well as other problems with the SFMP portal, there have previously been a number of difficulties and delays with the scholarship and fellowship amounts for the candidates.

The UGC made the decision to include a bank gateway in the SFMP in order to ensure that the scholarship funds are disbursed to the students on time. The list of most recent SFMS portal updates that the UGC has made is as follows:

1. Linking the start by the academic

2. Verification that the scholar has started paying each month

3. Module for monitoring payments

4. Students’ paperless work in the Grievance module

5. Orientation of academic users

To lessen the difficulties students encountered with the prior version of the system, changes have been made to the system.

Implementation of the UGC Policy

The UGC president declared that the commission has decided to provide nodal officers with a virtual training session via the official website from November 14 to November 18.

It is mandatory for all institutes to designate suitable nodal officials to supervise the SFMP and invite them to participate in the portal usage training.

The panel’s chairperson promised to make the virtual meet’s URL available to the public soon.

Application Procedure

1. The applicant must visit the official website, The applicant’s next task is to register by going to the registration tab on the website.

2. After being directed to the registration page, the applicant must update the required data in order to complete their portal registration.

3. After completing the registration process, the applicant must log in to the portal. The login credentials are contained in the applicant’s email address.

4. Once the candidate logs in successfully, they will need to update their password.

5. The final step requires the applicant to log into the website using their email address and the newly generated password.

6. The applicant can use all of the portal’s options to suit his or her demands after successfully logging in.


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