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Post Matric Scholarship

Post Matric Scholarship

The Post Matric Scholarship Program is administered by the UT administrations and State Governments and is a Centrally Sponsored Program.

In order to help Scheduled Caste students finish their education, the Scheme offers financial aid to those enrolled in post-matriculation or post-secondary education.

Only studies in India are eligible for these scholarships, which are given out by the government of the State or Union Territory where the applicant resides permanently.


Eligibility Criteria

1. Students whose parents’ or guardians’ annual income from all sources does not exceed Rs. 2,50,000/-will receive scholarships.

2. The scholarships are solely available to Indian citizens.

3. With a few exceptions, these scholarships will be awarded for the study of any accredited post-matriculation or post-secondary courses taken at accredited institutions.

4. Only candidates who pass the Matriculation, Higher Secondary, or any other higher examination of a recognized University or Board of Secondary Education and who belong to the Scheduled Castes as specified in relation to the State/Union Territory to which the applicant actually belongs, i.e. where he/she is permanently settled, will be eligible.


For the duration of the course, the following is included in the value of the scholarship:

1. A maintenance allowance of between Rs. 230 and Rs. 550 for day scholars and between Rs. 380 and Rs. 1200 for hostellers each month

2. Payback of mandatory non-refundable fees

3. Examine the tour fees.

4. Research Scholar Thesis Typing and Printing Fees

5. For students taking correspondence courses, a book allowance

6. Reserve a bank account for the chosen courses.

7. Students with disabilities will receive an additional stipend for the whole course.

Application Procedure

In May and June, all State Governments and UT Administrations will publish advertisements in the state’s top newspapers, on their own websites, and through other media outlets, announcing the program’s contents and inviting applications.

Requests for application forms and other information should be sent to the Union Territory Administration or State government that the scholars are genuinely affiliated with.

Before the deadline for receiving applications, the applicant must send their full application to the designated authority.

Online submission of the application is also an option once the scheme is accessible on the National Scholarship Portal.


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