Numerous students possessing promise encounter financial limitations that impede their journey toward advanced education, and this is precisely where the PM Young Achievers Scholarship plays a crucial role. This game-changing endeavor has played a pivotal part in molding the destinies of numerous ambitious learners. Continue reading to gain deeper insights.

PM Young Achievers Scholarship

About PM Young Achievers Scholarship

The PM Young Achievers Scholarship is a program aimed at students in 9th and 11th grades who fall within the OBC, EBC, and DNT/SNT categories. The scholarship amounts to Rs. 75,000 per year for 9th grade and Rs. 125,000 per year for 11th grade.

NTA has invited applications from school students to participate in the PM Young Achievers Scholarship Award Scheme for either the Vibrant India Entrance Test 2024 or the YASASVI Entrance Test 2024.

Eligible and interested candidates can access detailed information and apply for YET 2024 exclusively through online mode.

YASASVI is a scholarship initiative established by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, offering 15,000 scholarships to identified school students in 9th and 11th grades from the Other Backward Class (OBC), Economically Backward Class (EBC), and De-Notified, Nomadic & Semi Nomadic Tribes (DNT/SNT) categories across India.

The annual income of the parents/guardians of these candidates must not exceed Rs. 2.5 lakhs from all sources.

The scholarship provided under this scheme pertains only to studies within India and will be granted by the respective State/Union Territory government to which the applicant belongs, reflecting their domicile.

The eligible schools for this scholarship can include public (Central/State/Local body) or aided schools, as well as private schools.


PM YASASVI Scholarship Test

The NTA has recently extended the deadline for the PM YASASVI Scholarship Test 2024 to August 17, 2024, through its YASASVI Entrance Test (YET) web portal.

Applicants need to access the official portal and complete the registration process for the PM YASASVI Scholarship Test 2024.

By utilizing YET 2024, students enrolled in 9th and 11th grades within the schools identified under the YASASVI Scheme will be considered for selection for the scholarship opportunity.

Name of the ScholarshipYoung Achievers Scholarship 2024
TitleApply for YASASVI Entrance Test 2024
SubjectNTA has released YET 2024 notification
Registration deadline17-08-2024
Department website
NotificationYasasvi Entrance Test (YET) for Top-Class Schools

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for participating in the examination are outlined as follows:

1. Applicants must hold Indian citizenship.

2. They should belong to either the OBC, EBC, or DNT category.

3. Enrollment should be in recognized Top Class Schools.

4. Successful completion of Class 8 or Class 10 (as applicable) in the year 2024 is required.

5. The combined annual income of parents/guardians should not exceed Rs. 2.5 lakhs.

6. Candidates applying for the Class 9 Exam should have a birthdate between April 1, 2006, and March 31, 2010, inclusive.

7. Candidates applying for the Class 11 Exam should have a birthdate between April 1, 2004, and March 31, 2008, inclusive.

8. Both male and female candidates are eligible to submit their applications.

YASASVI Scholarship Application

Individuals aspiring to take the exam should carefully review the comprehensive Information Bulletin and proceed with the online application process exclusively.

The YET application must be completed solely through the online mode, accessible at the website.

Applications submitted via any other method will not be considered under any circumstances. Each candidate is expected to submit only a single application; submitting multiple application forms will lead to rejection.

1. Visit their official website

2. Click on Registration link

3. Register yourself

4. Fill the Application Form

5. Download the application form

What is the Scholarship Amount?

Under the YASASVI scholarship program, qualifying students in the 9th grade are granted a scholarship worth Rs 75,000 annually. Additionally, students in the 11th grade receive financial assistance amounting to Rs 125,000 per year.


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