MYSY Scholarships has presented an opportunity to assist students financially, to achieve their academic goals. Do you wish to get this scholarship? Then read on. As you read on, we will be presenting to you everything you need to give you the advantage with this scholarship.

MYSY Scholarships

MYSY Scholarships

Both the state and federal governments offer a range of student scholarships in an effort to support education. in order for every youngster in the nation to receive a quality education.

The Gujarati government has launched the MYSY Scholarship Program in order to achieve this goal. A scholarship program known as the Mukhymantri Yuva Swavalamban Yojana, or MYSY Scholarship, is available to Gujarati students who belong to the economically disadvantaged group.

Every year, students who want to continue further study in fields such as engineering, medicine, pharmacy, or certificate programs apply for the MYSY scholarship. Each year, the government invests Rs. 1000 crore in this scholarship program.

Any student who wishes to apply for the MYSY scholarship must visit the official website and adhere to the guidelines provided there.


Types of MYSY Scholarships

Three types of scholarships under the MYSY Scholarship which are as follows:

1. Tuition fee grant

2. Hostel grant

3. Book/instruments grant

Benefits of the MYSY Scholarship

1. The MYSY scholarship program also provides financial assistance to non-reserved students for the purchase of books and supplies.

2. Funding for dentistry and medical education research society programs in Gujarat would be provided to students for a period of five years, totalling Rs. 10 lakh.

3. All category students are eligible for an age relaxation for government jobs. This five-year age relaxation

4. All students who want to take the competitive exam will receive instruction from training centres.

5. If there are no government hostels or higher education facilities in that area, the government would furthermore offer help of Rs. 1,200 per month for ten months.

6. Under the MYSY scholarship program, the government will provide free clothing, reading materials, and other necessities to all students who passed their class 10 and 12 exams with 80% and chose to enrol in diploma programs.

These students will receive Rs 25000 a year or 50% of their tuition, whichever is less.

Eligibility Criteria

1. All students who wish to apply for admission to a certificate or bachelor’s degree and who received 80% or higher in their class 10 or 12 grades

2. Students who wish to be admitted to a bachelor’s program and have earned more than 65% in their diploma

3. Students whose parents make no more than Rs 600,000 each year

Required Documents

1. Income certificate

2. Adhaar Card

3. Self-declaration form

4. Certificate from the institute for new student

5. Renewal certificate from the institute

6. Self-declaration for non-IT returns

7. 10th and 12th standard mark sheet

8. Admission letter and fee receipt

9. Bank account proof

10. Hostel admission letter and fee receipt

11. Affidavit (non-judicial stamp paper Rs 20)

12. Recent passport-size photo


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