The Boettcher Scholarship is a prominent prize that recognizes a student’s achievements in and out of the classroom. If you are on the way to becoming a Boettcher Scholar, we hope you will seriously consider Colorado State for your future, regardless of whether you get the prize. Read on!

Boettcher Scholarship

You’ve already demonstrated that you’re the sort of student we want to guide our state and university into the future.

About Boettcher Scholarship

The Boettcher Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship for Colorado high school students. Merit, according to the Boettcher Foundation, is defined as high scholastic ability, intellectual curiosity, leadership, service, great character, and a shown dedication to school and community activities.

The Boettcher Foundation places a high value on lived experience and the setting in which a student thrives as a leader, whether because of or despite personal circumstances.

Meeting these requirements determines eligibility for the Boettcher Scholarship. A good candidate also exhibits a strong commitment to ongoing leadership and service.

To apply or learn more, please visit the Boettcher Foundation website. The Boettcher Foundation decides on scholarship awards.


What the Scholarship Covers 

Boettcher four-year scholarships include:

  • Full tuition and fees,
  • Living stipends, and
  • Book stipends.
  • Help with study abroad, and experience learning options.

Boettcher Scholars receive significant financial support. Membership in the Boettcher Scholar system offers exclusive possibilities for internships, mentoring, training, and growth.

  • Boettcher Scholars get access to internship and mentorship possibilities, as well as
  • Special programming and development opportunities.
  • They also have access to an influential network of over 2,600 scholars who support each other in their professional and personal journeys.

Boettcher Scholarship Requirements

  • High school senior studying in Colorado.
  • Planning to pursue a bachelor’s degree at one of Colorado’s 16 partner colleges.
  • U.S. citizen, legal resident, or DACA-eligible
  • Participate in community service, extracurricular activities, or leadership.
  • Exhibit academic excellence, leadership abilities, and character.
  • Prove academic performance.

Scholarship Deadline

The annual submission deadline is November 1.


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