Letter of Permission to Be Absent From Work: A letter of permission to be absent from work must be drafted correctly. This type of work, however, should include correct grammar and punctuation. See further requirements below.

How to Write Letter of Permission to Be Absent From Work


If you write the letter correctly, your employer is under no duty to comply with your request. Keep reading to see the different ways to write a good permission letter.

What is a Permission Letter?

A permission letter is a formal letter sent to higher-ups requesting permission to attend an event, use a facility, or take leave.

When drafting a permission letter, employ a courteous and polite tone. Check that the sender’s and receiver’s addresses, as well as the date the letter was sent, are right.

When both parties are well acquainted with one another, it may not be essential to divulge the sender’s address.

The subject line states the purpose of the letter, which is followed by the greeting or salutation.

The reasoning for your request should be mentioned in the letter’s body. Finally, mention the sender’s signature, name, and designation.

Format for Letter of Permission to be Absent From Work

We should utilize a standard or formal letter of authorization. This may change depending on your company’s regulations and procedures.

It is essential to have enticing content written in a professional tone. This is how your letter should be formatted.

Provide your Contact Information:

Include your address and phone number where necessary and required.


It is important to add the date on which the letter is being written.

Recipient’s Contact Information:

The address of the person who will receive your letter is of great important.


The subject allows you to state the letter’s purpose. Also, make sure it’s only a few words long, only eight, and that it’s highlighted.


Use polite salutations e.g Dear Sir/Madame or the name of the receiver.


The body is a piece of pertinent information about why you’re writing the letter, the day you’d want to be absent, and a request for permission.


Include your signature and name in the conclusion. Also, you may not need to give all of the information above in some circumstances.

Sample Letter of Permission to be Absent From Work

Use the Letter of Permission to be Absent From Work sample below to persuade your boss to give you time off.

Importantly, make a list of everything that needs to be included, as well as the language that will be used. Also, you should focus your letter on your specific reason for being absent from work.

Sample 1.

Finances, Liam

P.O. BOX 123456, P.O. BOX 16

Plot 246, Garki

Uyo, Nigeria

Emmanuel Austin

Head of the Department of Auditing,

Finances, Liam

27th of August, 2024

Dear Madam,

REF: Permission to be Absent from Work

I’m writing to request leave from work on August 29, 2024. On September 14, 2024, I plan to return to work.

The reason for my absence is that I will be in Calabar for the Annual Audit Conference 2024.

The gathering is part of the company’s regular operating procedure for informing department heads of new regulatory, reporting, and disclosure requirements.

I’ll be gone for 14 days, returning to work on September 15, 2024. I’ve delegated all of my obligations to my Assistant Stephen Richards while I’m abroad.

Thank you for your consideration.

Yours Sincerely,

Esma Diem

————-Signature line

Sample 2.


The Human Resources Manager

_____________(Name of the Company)

______________ (Address)

Date: __ /__ /____ (Date)

Subject: Letter of Permission required for ________ (reason) on ______ (Include the date)

Respectfully, my name is _____________ (Name) and I work in _____________ (Department) of your _______________ (Organization/Institution/Ministry). My ID number is __________ (Employee ID).

I am writing to request permission to be absent from work on / / (Date) for the purpose of (Traveling/visiting family) (Also, give a good reason your permission should be granted), for which I have previously applied on / / and it is awaiting your approval. Please grant my request for permission to be absent from work.

I apologize for any trouble this may cause the office. However, I have transferred all of my outstanding responsibilities, as well as any other responsibilities that may arise during my absence, to my colleague. I would also be willing to assist in any manner possible on my phone line.

I humbly anticipate your sincere comment on this issue. I would also appreciate your favorable feedback.

Yours Thankfully,


—————-( Signature)

—————- (Contact Number)

Sample 3.

Chinedu John

No 4 Behind first Inland,



24th July 2022

The Ministry of Labour and Interior

No 16 Ministry of Labour House,

Office of the PA to the President.

Dear ma,

Please accept this letter as a formal request for a leave of absence. My absence is due to illness, notably malaria and hypotension. I’d want to take two days off. The leave will extend from July 16th to July 17th, 2024.

I will be available to address any inquiries concerning my work throughout my absence.


Chukwu John (Name)


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Sample 4.

When you have a test, how do you draft a note of absence? The document follows the same format as the others. This is an example of how to draft a school leave application.


The Manager…

Institute Name…

Institute Address…


Dear Sir/Madam,

I request you to kindly grant me one day’s leave from my duty as I have to attend my school exam (mention the date). I would be most humble to you if you accept my request. Thank you.

Yours faithfully,


Job description

Contact no…



Sample 5.

Do you know how to write a permission letter when you want to travel? Your letter should state your reason for travel.

That your purpose for the trip needs to be reasonable. Here is a sample of a letter requesting permission to travel.


The Manager…

Institute Name…

Institute Address…

Re: Permission To Be Absent From Work

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to request permission to be absent from work for two weeks from (date to date) to attend an event. I will be away for 14 days and promise to return to work on (specify the date).

In the meantime, I have assigned all my work responsibilities to my assistant, (mention name). Thank you for your consideration.

Yours faithfully,


Job description

Contact no…


A Letter of Permission to Travel

A Letter of Permission to Travel


A letter of permission to travel is a formal request to your superiors outlining your plans to skip work for a tour, vacation, or other purposes.

Your supervisor may accept or reject it, especially if you’ve exhausted all of your leave, vacation, and other contractual days.

Because of this, writing is tough. If you want to write a convincing letter of permission from work, you need to know the following:

  • It must provide exact information in accordance with corporate policy and practice as a formal letter.
  • Use a professional tone when writing the letter.
  • Address it to your boss in a polite tone.
  • Make a persuasive case for your desire to be excused from work.
  • Use a professional format.

A letter of authorization to be absent from work is used to request a leave of absence. Keep it short and to the point while writing it.

Use appropriate words and a professional tone to persuade the receiver to grant your request.

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