December 2, 2023

How to Turn Off Sensitive Content on Twitter: To help twitter identify the type of content you are uploading and to help them help others find the content they’re interested in, all Twitter accounts have media settings, which will help you identify your content. Read on to find out how this can be done.

How to Turn Off Sensitive Content on Twitter

Twitter can identify potentially sensitive information, such as violence or nudity, that other user may not want to see by properly designating your media settings.

They kindly request that you change your media settings if you intend to consistently submit this type of content.

Make necessary media settings

Step 1: Visit and log into your account.

Step 2. Click the “more” button.

Step 3: From the drop-down box, choose Settings and privacy.

Step 4: Navigate to your security and privacy settings.

Step 5: Select Mark media you Tweet as containing content that may be sensitive under the Your Tweets section.

Note: If you enable this setting, visitors to your profile may see a message warning them that your account may contain potentially sensitive information and requesting their confirmation before continuing to access it. Even without the notice, your account will still be visible to users who have chosen to view potentially sensitive content.

How to Mark Individual Tweets that Contain Sensitive Media

Anyone using Android, iOS, or the web now has the option to tweet images and videos with temporary sensitive content warnings attached.

To add a content warning to a photo or video that you’ve attached to a Tweet, tap or click the flag icon.

You may select how and when to access sensitive material thanks to your media preferences.

What if I Don’t Change my Media Settings and Post Sensitive Media?

If one of your Tweets that includes material is flagged as sensitive, Twitter will review it. If they discover that the media was not flagged as potentially sensitive when it was uploaded, they may identify it as such or, in the instance of live video, completely delete the content.

Additionally, they could modify your account settings to label any media you tweet as potentially sensitive so that subsequent posts are marked appropriately.

Although you can modify your media preferences on the account settings page, this image and any others that have been flagged as potentially sensitive will still be there.

If you Repeatedly Upload Media that is Mislabeled, they may:

1. Indicate on your media that it may contain sensitive material.

2. Make a permanent change to your account settings to Mark Tweeted media as containing content that may be sensitive so that subsequent posts include a warning message that viewers must click through to access your media.

3. Twitter may also employ automated methods to identify and tag potentially sensitive content as well as to identify and tag accounts that frequently tweet such content.

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What Happens if your Profile Image Violates Twitter Rules?

If the content in your header image or profile violates Twitter’s rules, your account will be temporarily suspended and the offending material will be deleted. A permanent suspension will be imposed for persistent offenses.

Additionally, if any of the media on your profile violates Twitter’s media guidelines, your account can be locked. You must go by our instructions and get rid of the offending media in order for us to unlock your account.

Can you Appeal a Decision Made by Twitter?

You can make an appeal by signing into your account and doing so if you have been suspended because your profile image or header image contains graphic violence or adult content.

The decision by Twitter to permanently change your account option to Mark media you Tweet as possibly having sensitive content in response to persistently mislabeling sensitive information cannot presently be appealed.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I see Sensitive Content on Twitter?

Click on the More icon and go to the Privacy and safety settings. Look for the Content you see section and check the box next to Display media that may contain sensitive content.

2. Why Can’t I See Sensitive Content on Twitter?

First, navigate to “Content you see” again and then click on “Search settings.” Once you’re in “Search settings,” just unclick “Hide Sensitive Content.” Once you’ve taken that step, you should be able to see sensitive content both in your own searches and on Twitter more generally.

3. How do you Unblock Sensitivity on Twitter App?

You can follow the same steps in the Twitter mobile app on your Android phone:

  • Open Twitter web on your PC.
  • Click on Settings and privacy > Privacy and safety > Content you see.
  • Select Search Settings.
  • Here, uncheck the box for hiding Sensitive Content.

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