Cookie Clicker Ascension Guide: If you’ve played Cookie Clicker long enough, you’re probably accustomed to the small Legacy bar at the top. When you hover over it, you start to wonder what this button does. You’ve just discovered Cookie Clicker’s Ascension mechanic. Then, this article will teach you everything you need to know about Cookie Clicker’s ascension system and serve as your go-to reference for issues like “when should I ascend?” and “what upgrades should I get?”

Ascension resembles a brand-new game plus others. In the current run, your progress is reset, but you are rewarded for reaching particular objectives. The key moments here are when cookies are created, whether through clicking or another method.

When you decide to ascend you get a couple of things. Heavenly chips and a CPS boost based on how many prestige levels you have.

What is Cookie Clicker Ascension?

In Cookie Clicker, ascending is similar to selecting prestige in other games. The majority of your work is lost, but you get a fresh start with particular advantageous perks.

Click the “Legacy” button in the upper-right corner of the screen to move up. After choosing it, you must indicate that you want to proceed with the ascension.

You can see how long you’ve been playing at this prestige level, how many prestige points you would receive, and how many heavenly chips you’ll receive for upgrading if you hover over “Legacy.”
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When Should I Ascend in Cookie Clicker?

Ascending in Cookie Clicker often requires at least 200 prestige levels, especially the first time. If you want to ascend early, 200 is one of the greatest times to do so.

Different tribes of Cookie Clicker players recommend different numbers; some even advise waiting until you are into the several thousand.

However, a very well-known cookie-clicker handbook advises ascending first at level 400. This provides you with enough Heavenly Chips to buy a ton of incredibly practical enhancements that will be helpful for upcoming Ascensions.

However, in order to obtain these incredible Ascension enhancements, you must have some Heavenly Chips. That will be covered in the following section of the Cookie Clicker Ascension guide.

Heavenly Upgrades Guide

The upgrade that you buy with Heavenly Chips is referred to as Heavenly Upgrades. These upgrades greatly assist you in your subsequent runs, giving you a Cookie Dragon that doubles your cookie output in addition to bonuses to your CPS, more golden cookies, and more CPS!

Here are the items I advise getting for your first ascent when using Cookie Clicker. I’ll provide the number of Heavenly Chips needed for each.

  • Legacy (1 Chip)
  • Heavenly Cookies (3 Chips)
  • How to Bake Your Dragon (9 Chips)
  • Heavenly Luck (77 Chips)
  • Total (90)

Those upgrades rank among Cookie Clicker’s Heavenly Upgrades, in my opinion, the most significant ones. Sure, some of the other improvements are great, like having the cookie tin or cursors right away, but neither is very effective.

With these, you’ll be able to get your dragon, up your probability of getting a golden cookie, and get a base 10% more CPS.

Here is another set of Heavenly Upgrades if you are more patient and are ready to wait till you have several hundred:

  • Legacy (1)
  • Heavenly Cookies (3)
  • How to Bake Your Dragon (9)
  • Box of Brand Biscuits (25)
  • Tin of British Tea Biscuits (25)
  • Tin of Butter Cookies (25)
  • Box of Macarons (25)
  • Starter Kit (50)
  • Heavenly Luck (77)
  • Permanent upgrade slot 1 (100)
  • Heralds (100)
  • Total (440)

As you can see, you will need 440 total HC (Heavenly Chips) to acquire these upgrades. But, for being so patient, you will be awarded lots of extra CPS and you’ll be able to skip the early game more or less.
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Permanent Upgrade Slot Strategy

Cookie Clicker Ascension Guide

The Permanent Upgrade Slot is one of the most crucial Heavenly Upgrades. This gives you the option to choose one upgrade that will be free to use when your next run starts.

Any upgrade, regardless of cost, that you have already acquired may be placed in the Permanent Upgrade Slot.

  • What should I use my permanent upgrade slot on in Cookie Clicker is the most common question.

The Golden Cookie really improves. The later the game progresses, the more you will rely on golden cookies to create cookies, and losing even one will cause your run to be delayed by days. As a result, you ought to give the Golden Cookie upgrades for your Permanent Upgrade Slot top priority.

Should I Ascend Immediately in Cookie Clicker?

No. You shouldn’t ascend as quickly as possible if this is your first ascension. Instead of accelerating your progress, which was the whole point of ascending in the first place, you’ll slow it down.

Instead, ascend after reaching a respectable prestige level (at least 50). At the very least, you’ll be able to buy some upgrades and get a respectable CPS boost for your subsequent run.

Again, some people claim that 400 is the ideal moment to ascend, but I believe that you can ascend earlier.

What Happens When you Ascend in Cookie Clicker

When you ascend, a screen that resembles a constellation will appear, along with a bewildering array of options on how to spend your hard-earned Heavenly Chips.

After choosing them, the game is restarted with no buildings or enhancements from your previous playthrough (unless of course, you have a Heavenly Upgrade).

Should I Sell my Buildings Before Ascending Cookie Clicker

No. The Ascension level is unaffected by building sales. It solely takes into account how many cookies you have generated by clicking or by having your buildings produce them.

Therefore, don’t worry about selling anything because you will only waste your time.

Does the Stock Market Work With Ascension?

Sadly, no. The Ascension level in the Stock Market mini-game is unaffected by buying and selling “stocks.”

But that doesn’t make it pointless. You will undoubtedly benefit in the long term if you use stock market gains to purchase more buildings.

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