Guide to Ascending in Cookie Clicker: If you’ve spent a considerable amount of time playing Cookie Clicker, you’re likely familiar with the compact Legacy bar located at the top. As you hover your cursor over it, you might begin to ponder the purpose of this button.

Congratulations! You’ve stumbled upon Cookie Clicker’s Ascension mechanic. This comprehensive article is designed to provide you with a complete understanding of the game’s ascension system and serve as your ultimate resource for questions such as “When is the ideal time to ascend?” and “Which upgrades should I prioritize?

Ascending in Cookie Clicker can be likened to entering a fresh game with added bonuses.

When you choose to ascend, your current progress is reset, but you receive rewards for accomplishing specific milestones.

The pivotal moments revolve around the creation of cookies, whether it be through clicking or alternative methods.

Upon ascending, you gain two valuable rewards: Heavenly chips and a CPS (cookies per second) boost, determined by the number of prestige levels you have attained.

What is Cookie Clicker Ascension?

Ascending in Cookie Clicker can be compared to opting for prestige in other games, where most of your progress is forfeited, but you gain a fresh beginning with special benefits.

To initiate the ascension process, simply click on the “Legacy” button located in the top-right corner of the screen. Once clicked, a confirmation prompt will appear, allowing you to proceed with the ascension.

Hovering over the “Legacy” button provides you with useful information such as the duration of your current prestige level, the number of prestige points you will earn, and the quantity of heavenly chips you will receive for upgrading.

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When Should I Ascend in Cookie Clicker?

Ascending in Cookie Clicker often requires a minimum of 200 prestige levels, especially for the initial ascension. Opting to ascend early, around the 200 mark, is considered a favorable choice.

Different factions of Cookie Clicker players suggest various threshold numbers, with some even recommending waiting until reaching several thousand prestige levels.

However, a widely recognized guide for Cookie Clicker advises ascending for the first time at level 400.

This milestone grants you a substantial number of Heavenly Chips, allowing you to purchase numerous highly beneficial upgrades that will greatly aid future Ascensions.

Obtaining these remarkable Ascension enhancements, however, necessitates the acquisition of Heavenly Chips, which will be discussed in detail in the subsequent section of the Cookie Clicker Ascension guide.

Heavenly Upgrades Guide

The upgrades obtained through Heavenly Chips are known as Heavenly Upgrades.

These upgrades play a vital role in subsequent runs, providing notable benefits such as a Cookie Dragon that doubles cookie output, increased CPS (cookies per second), more golden cookies, and additional CPS bonuses.

For your initial ascension in Cookie Clicker, I recommend acquiring the following items, along with the corresponding number of Heavenly Chips required:

1. Legacy (1 Chip)
2. Heavenly Cookies (3 Chips)
3. How to Bake Your Dragon (9 Chips)
4. Heavenly Luck (77 Chips)

In total, these upgrades amount to 90 Heavenly Chips. In my opinion, these upgrades hold significant value among Cookie Clicker’s Heavenly Upgrades.

While some other improvements, like the cookie tin or cursors, may seem appealing, they are not as impactful.

With these upgrades, you’ll gain access to the Cookie Dragon, increase your chances of obtaining golden cookies, and enjoy a base CPS boost of 10%.

If you’re willing to exercise more patience and wait until you have several hundred Heavenly Chips, here is an alternative set of Heavenly Upgrades:

1. Legacy (1)
2. Heavenly Cookies (3)
3. How to Bake Your Dragon (9)
4. Box of Brand Biscuits (25)
5. Tin of British Tea Biscuits (25)
6. Tin of Butter Cookies (25)
7. Box of Macarons (25)
8. Starter Kit (50)
9. Heavenly Luck (77)
10. Permanent upgrade slot 1 (100)
11. Heralds (100)

The total number of Heavenly Chips required for these upgrades is 440.

However, by demonstrating such patience, you will unlock numerous additional CPS (cookies per second) benefits and have the ability to bypass much of the early game content.

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Permanent Upgrade Slot Strategy

Cookie Clicker Ascension Guide

The Permanent Upgrade Slot holds immense significance among the Heavenly Upgrades.

It grants you the invaluable ability to select one upgrade that will be available for free at the beginning of your next run.

Any upgrade you have previously obtained, regardless of its cost, can be placed in the Permanent Upgrade Slot.

The question of how to best utilize the permanent upgrade slot in Cookie Clicker is quite common.

The Golden Cookie upgrades prove to be highly beneficial.

As you progress further in the game, your reliance on golden cookies to generate cookies increases, and missing even a single one can significantly delay your progress.

Therefore, it is advisable to prioritize assigning Golden Cookie upgrades to your Permanent Upgrade Slot.

Should I Ascend Immediately in Cookie Clicker?

It is not advisable to ascend hastily in your initial ascension.

Opting for a quick ascent contradicts the purpose of ascending, as it may impede your progress rather than accelerating it.

Instead, it is recommended to ascend once you have achieved a commendable prestige level, ideally no less than 50.

This allows you to acquire certain upgrades and obtain a substantial boost in CPS (Cookies Per Second) for your next run.

While some individuals argue that ascending at level 400 is ideal, I hold the belief that ascending earlier can also be advantageous.

What Happens When you Ascend in Cookie Clicker

Upon ascending, you will encounter a screen reminiscent of a constellation, presenting you with a myriad of options to allocate your well-deserved Heavenly Chips.

Once you make your selections, the game will reset, erasing all buildings and upgrades obtained in your previous playthrough (unless, of course, you possess a Heavenly Upgrade).

Should I Sell my Buildings Before Ascending Cookie Clicker

The level of Ascension remains unchanged regardless of any building sales.

It is solely determined by the number of cookies you have generated through clicking or building production.

Hence, there is no need to concern yourself with selling anything, as it would only be a futile waste of time.

Does the Stock Market Work With Ascension?

Regrettably, the Ascension level in the Stock Market mini-game remains unaffected by buying and selling “stocks.”

However, this doesn’t render it pointless. Utilizing stock market gains to acquire additional buildings will undoubtedly yield long-term benefits.

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