It is easy to respond to a job offer if you are providing good news or just requesting more information or time. But declining one is another thing. Keep reading!

How to decline a job offer

Whether you’re presented with an offer, you’d never take in a million years or one you’d consider (if it weren’t for the other, the better offer you also received), here’s how to say “thanks but no thanks.”

In rare situations, it may be essential to decline a job offer. Sometimes a job offer isn’t a suitable fit, or you may be presented with two chances at the same time. While it may appear difficult, declining an extended employment offer might become simpler if you follow a plan.

Important Note:

  • How you refuse a job offer might have a big impact on your career. You don’t want to cross any unnecessary bridges.
  • To lessen any mistake, when you decline an offer, be explicit and forceful in your choice.
  • Express your gratitude for a job offer, but avoid being too explicit in your reasons for declining it.


3 Amazing Steps on How to Decline a Job Offer

Below are the steps to take to decline a job offer:

Step 1: Show Your Appreciation. Say “Thank You”

First and foremost, thank the hiring manager for the opportunity and for their time. Yes, interviewing potential candidates is a component of the job.

However, this individual has most likely spent many hours reading your résumé, stalking your social media accounts, and sitting down with you for interviews. They may have also gone out on a limb to promote you to other individuals within the firm.

“Thank you for the interview last week—it was wonderful to meet the staff and see the headquarters. I loved learning about the role of operations director, and I am grateful for this great offer”.

Step 2: Give a good, brief reason.

It’s proper and courteous not to leave a hiring manager in the dark about why you’re denying the position, especially if you’ve spent a lot of time interviewing or the job offer is from a firm you’d consider working for in the future.

That said, there’s no need to go into detail about the red flags you noticed in your potential employer, brag about the fantastic perks of the job you did accept, or complain about how you’ve spent the last week agonizing over your decision.

The ideal method is to be concise but honest about your precise reason for declining the post, such as:

  • “After much thought, I’ve chosen to accept a position at another firm”.
  • “While this position appears to be a fantastic opportunity, I have opted to explore another career that will allow me to further my interests in marketing and social media”.

Step 3: Stay in touch

The working world may be quite tiny, especially in some areas. As a result, delivering some modest niceties before signing off is usually a good idea.

If you can, include anything you discussed, such as an event or conference you’re both attending. Otherwise, simply state that you wish this individual the best of luck in the future.

“It’s been a joy getting to know you, and I hope to see you again soon”.

“Thank you again for your time and support, and best wishes”.

Email Examples For Turning Down A Job Offer

Here’s what this advice might look like all together:

If you Decided to Accept a Different Offer

Hi Jade,

Thank you very much for the kind invitation to join your team. As we previously said, I’ve respected the firm for many years and am a proud supporter of its goods. However, after reconsidering my existing position in my job, I’ve chosen to accept an offer from another organisation.

I’d want to remain in touch through LinkedIn and have already begun following you on Twitter. Thank you again for your time and attention.

Thanks again,


If the Role or Offer isn’t the Right for you

Hi Lonzo,

Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me in recent weeks. It was a delight to hear more about the amazing job you and your team are doing at Company Inc.

While I am honoured to have received such an excellent offer from your company, I have opted to pursue a position that focuses on writing rather than editing. As a result, I will have to decline. It’s been a pleasure getting to know you and your staff, and I wish you all the best.



If you’ve Decided to Stay at Your Current Job

Hi Victor,

Thank you once again for considering me for the software development position on your team. I appreciate you interviewing me and answering my questions regarding the position and the firm.

After much thought, I’ve determined that now is not the time for me to quit my current employment. I hope we can keep in touch and that I will have the opportunity to work with you in the future.

Thanks again,



Tips For Turning Down A Job Offer

Here are a few other things to consider when you draught your email—especially if you want to maintain communication channels open in this circumstance.

1. Offer Referrals

if you have them, especially if you believe the company is excellent. “That being said,” you may add, “I have a few connections I think would be great for the role and would be happy to send their information along to you.”

2. Respond Promptly

Once you’ve made the choice, please allow the employer to resume their search as soon as possible. It’s natural to put off uncomfortable conversations, but now isn’t the time to give in.

3. Consider a Phone call

If it seems right in your scenario. Instead of sending an email, utilise it to schedule a fast call at the hiring manager’s convenience and have the chat live—especially if you already have or have formed a connection with the hiring manager.

4. Keep Your Email Short and Sweet

There’s no need to defend the choice you made in detail or lavish praise on the firm. Simply peel off the Band-Aid and push send.

5. Turning Down a Job Offer

It never feels good, no matter how certain you are that you don’t want it. But it’s sometimes worth it to wait for the proper job, not simply the one that happens to be available.

Take a deep breath and remember that you’re in this situation because you’re brilliant and people want to hire you.

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