How to Get Work Permit For UK Without Job Offer: Without a job offer, it might be difficult to obtain a work visa in the UK. However, other visa types, like the Global Talent Visa, do not require a job offer. Read on!

How to Get Work Permit For UK Without Job OfferThe UK Global Talent Visa and its perks are outlined for people who wish to work in the UK but do not have a job offer.


What is a UK Global Talent Visa?

With the aid of the UK Global Talent Visa, talented people from all over the world can enter the UK and work there.

It aims to attract highly skilled individuals from a wide range of fields, including science, engineering, medicine, humanities, digital technology, and arts and culture.

The visa is offered to persons who have been identified as leaders or potential leaders in their field by a UK-endorsing organization.

These are organizations to whom the UK government has granted authorization to assess a person’s ability and potential in specific fields.

To be eligible for the Global Talent Visa, candidates must meet specified conditions, such as having a track record of excellence in their field, being well-known, and having a job offer or proof of the means to maintain oneself while in the UK.

How to Apply Visa For UK?

The following are the typical stages to apply for a visa to the United Kingdom:

  • Choose the type of Visa you require.
  • Make your Visa application.
  • Pay the required fees.
  • Schedule an appointment with a visa application center.
  • Provide all relevant documentation and biometric data.
  • Determine the outcome of your application and move appropriately.


Cost of UK Work Permit Cost

The expenses of applying for the right to work in the UK vary depending on the visa or permission but often include an application fee, a healthcare premium, and money to sustain you after you arrive.

You may discover some of the most common visas and the approximate cost for you and any accompanying family members. Certain nationalities are eligible for application fee reductions.

Visa/permit typeApplication feeHealthcare surcharge¹⁶Amount in Savings
Health and Care Worker¹⁹up to 3 years – £232 per personmore than 3 years – £464 per personN/A£1,270 per person
Intracompany Transfer¹⁸£610 to £1,408 per person£624 per year£1,270 per person
Other – Innovator¹¹£1021 – £1277 per person£624 per year£1,270²¹
Other – Start-up¹²£363 – £493 per person£624 per year£1,270²²
Skilled Worker¹⁷£610 to £1,408 per person (or less if occupation is on thejob shortage list)£624 per year£1,270 per person
Temporary – Creative and Sporting¹⁰£244 per person£624 per year£1,270 per person⁹
Temporary – Seasonal Worker⁷£244£624 per year£1,270 or equivalent support from sponsor⁶
Temporary -Graduate²⁰£700£624 per yearN/A

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