How to check NECO results will be so easy if you have the same level of anxiety as other students as you await the NECO 2024 internal Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (SSCE) result? When the results are prepared, the National Examinations Council (NECO) will formally announce them.

How to Check NECO Result

The examination given to applicants in their senior year of high school is called the Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (SSCE) Internal.

How to Check Neco Result

Applicants who are in their final year of secondary school take this exam.

There are two categories for the SSCE: SSCE Internal, which is for candidates in their third and final year of senior secondary education, and SSCE External, which is for students who are not enrolled in the school system, or private applicants.

As stated in the enabling law, the Senior School Certificate Examination for External Candidates is a crucial aspect of the Council’s mandate.

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Steps to Check for Your Result

The new Results online system makes checking all NECO examination results easier. The NECO Results system will make the results available as soon as they are made public.

By purchasing tokens, candidates can use NECO Results to check their NCEE, BECE, and SSCE results. Candidates, parents, groups, schools, and everyone else who wants to see the candidate’s results can all have access to the token(s).

Candidates do not need a token to view the common entry results. For simple access, take the following action:

1. Visit the official NECO Website

2. Select your examination year and examination type.

3. Enter your Token.

4. Enter your Registration number.

5. Click on the “Check my result” button.

Please take note that going forward, a candidate’s result will only be checked once (and five times) using the result checker token. This implies that a candidate cannot verify the same outcome with a different token.

The NECO E-Verify result verification Portal must be used for any additional checks (of the same result) to validate or confirm the said result.

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