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Health Education NECO Questions and Answers

The National Examinations Council is an examination body in Nigeria that conducts the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination and the General Certificate in Education in June/July and December/January, respectively.

Health Education NECO Questions and Answers

PAPER III: Answer all questions.

Each question is followed by five options lettered A – E. Choose the correct option for each question and shade in pencil on your answer sheet, the answer space that bears the same letter as the option you have chosen. Give only one answer to each question and erase completely any answer you wish to change. Do all your rough work on this question paper.

An example is given below.

Red blood cells are manufactured in the

A.bone marrow.





The correct option is “bone marrow” which is lettered A. Therefore, answer space A would be shaded.

[A] [B] [C] [D] [E]

NECO Health Education Objective Questions

1. Which of the folio wing is the most important factor that affects growth and development?

A. Environment

B. Heredity

C. Immunity

D. Maturity

E. Nutrition


2. The irreversible increase in size and body structure defines

A. development

B. expansion.

C. growth.

D. height.

E. maturity.


3. Delicate organs of the body are supported and held in place by _ tissue.

A. adipose

B. connective

C. cuboidal

D. epithelial

E. fibrous


4. Which of the following organs is responsible for the production of male sex cells?

A. Epididymis

B. Penis

C. Testes

D. Ureter

E. Urethra


15. Which of these stimulates muscular movement?

A. Cartilage

B. Ligament

C. Nerve

D. Skeleton

E. Tendon


16. The position the body assumes while performing an activity is

A. adaptation.

B. expression.

C. physique.

D. posture.

E. stature.


17. A jelly-like fluid in the posterior chamber of the eye is called

A. aqueous humor.

B. cochlea fluid.

C. lacrimal fluid.

D. synovial fluid.

E. vitreous humor.


18. The following are types of ear problems except

A. astigmatism.

B.ear discharge.

C. Excessive wax in the car.

D. foreign body in the ear.

E. otitis media.


19. The pancreas which is a digestive and hormonal gland secrets

A. adrenalin.

B. insulin.

C. oestrogen.

D. prolactin.

E. thyroxin.


20. Protein is for repairs and growth as __ is for maintenance of health.

A. carbohydrate

B. fat

C. minerals

D. vitamins

E. water


21. Cutting of bigger size of food into smaller pieces in readiness for cooking is

A. frying.

B. pounding.

C. shredding.

D. stewing.

E. washing.


22. The following are modem methods of preserving food except

A. canning.

B. dehydration.

C. pasteurization.

D. refrigeration.

E. smoking.


23. Which of the following is an effect of cooking on food?

A. Decreases water content

B. Increases germs

C. Makes it harder

D. Makes it indigestible

E. Makes it tender


24. The following are members of a nuclear family except

A. daughter.

B. father.

C. mother.

D. son.

E. uncle.

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25. Following are reasons for marriage in Nigeria except to

A. procreate.

B. have happiness.

C. have wealth.

D. obey God’s commandment

E. share love.


26. Which of the following is an irreversible birth control method specific to women?

A. Coistus interrupts

B. Contraceptive pills

C. Tubal ligation

D. Use of condom

E. Vasectomy

Health Education NECO Theory Questions

PAPER II: Answer any four questions. All questions carry equal marks

1(a)i. Define the term ‘Relief. (2 marks)

1(a)ii. Propose four basic needs of an Internally Displaced Person (IDP). (4 marks)

1(b). List three bones of each of the axial and appendicular skeletons. (6 marks)

1(c). State four functions of blood in the body. (8 marks)


2(a) intention three food nutrients and State one function of each. (6 marks)

2(a)ii. State four effects of cooking on food. (4 marks)

2(b).Advance four importance of family to a child. (4 marks)

2(c)i.Who is a quack? (2 marks)

2(c)ii.Enumerate two characteristics of a quack. (4 marks)


NECO Health Education Essay Questions

3(a). What is a communicable disease? (2 marks)

3(b). Define the following terms:-

3(b)i. Infection period (2 marks)

3(b)ii. The incubation period (2 marks)

3(b)iii. Recovery period (2 marks)

3(c). Discuss Ebola viral disease under the following headings:

i. causative agent (1 mark)

ii. three modes of transmission (3 marks)

iii. four signs and symptoms (4 marks)

iv. four control measures (4 marks)


4(a)i.What is drug trafficking? (2 marks)

4(a)ii State three effects of drug trafficking on society. (3 marks)

4(b).Outline three examples of child abuse. (3 marks)

(4c)i.Outline four measures for preventing accidents at the workplace. (4 marks)

ii. State two functions of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC). (4 marks)

(d). State four importance of water to the body. (4 marks)

DISCLAIMER! These are not real Health Education NECO Questions and Answers but likely repeated questions over the years to help candidates understand the nature of their examinations. Ensure to take note of every question provided on this page.

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