How Much to Post a Job on Linkedin: The cost of posting a job on LinkedIn is determined by the job posting option you select. Keep reading!

How Much to Post a Job on LinkedinHowever, there is a free option for posting jobs on LinkedIn, as well as a premium version in which LinkedIn advertises the position you have advertised.

How Much to Post a Job on Linkedin

Here’s a deeper look at these two possibilities:

1. LinkedIn Job Postings for Free

Employers may post job vacancies on LinkedIn for free, but keep in mind that you can only have one free job ad up at a time. You must pay

If you have many job vacancies at the same time. It features free job postings in search results, but they will gradually go away.


2. LinkedIn Promoted Job Posts

You may pay for a boosted job post on LinkedIn if you want more exposure to your job posting or if you want to advertise more than one position at a time. Pay-per-click decides the price of a boosted job posting.

While employers establish a daily budget for job postings, the precise price per day is determined by the number of clicks or views the ad receives.

But don’t worry—LinkedIn will never charge you over 50% of your daily budget in a single day, and it will never charge you more than your overall budget.

For example, if you create a 30-day campaign with a daily budget of $10, they will not charge you more than $15 in one day or $300 in 30 days.

If one day exceeds the daily budget, they will modify subsequent daily budgets throughout the course of the 30-day term.

The job posting will take applications until they meet the maximum budget, at which point the campaign will come to a halt.

According to LinkedIn, sponsored job postings attract three times the number of quality candidates as free job postings.

The position gets noticed by the most relevant and qualified candidates since promoted job listings have a focused and greater reach. The greater your daily budget, the more people who will see your job posting.

When your daily budget is met, LinkedIn removes the job post from active marketing, and if it is your sole listing, it appears as if it were a free job post.

In other words, it will be searchable and found in generic searches by applications, but they will not actively advertise it to prospects.

They refresh the daily budget every day, and if the 150% maximum is reached, job post promotions will begin the next day.


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