Accessing your funds quickly is essential in the fast-paced world of today. That’s where sophisticated financial applications like MoneyLion and Chime come into play.

However, does Moneylion work with Chime seamlessly to provide a seamless money management experience? Without a doubt, the answer is yes!

The compatibility of MoneyLion and Chime, how to utilize them together to receive loans and cash advances, other options in case you need them, and other helpful information to help you remain ahead financially will all be covered in this blog post.

Does Moneylion Work with Chime

Overview of MoneyLion and Chime

A wide range of financial services are available on MoneyLion, a complete banking platform that aids in money management and savings.

With MoneyLion, one of the greatest cash advance applications available, you can get cash advances at 0% interest and no monthly fees.

Conversely, Chime is a well-known online bank that offers simple mobile banking options devoid of any additional costs or minimum balance requirements.

Features including early direct deposit access, automatic savings tools, and SpotMe overdraft protection program are available to Chime customers.

It’s critical to comprehend how MoneyLion and Chime can cooperate harmoniously for consumers looking for cash advances in terms of compatibility.

At the moment, MoneyLion’s Credit Builder program functions flawlessly with a RoarMoney demand deposit account, however, it does not provide complete support for the Chime platform.

Therefore, even if you can link your Chime account to the MoneyLion platform, be advised that you may encounter different restrictions than those who use RoarMoney accounts or other compatible apps.

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Steps to Set up a Money Lion Account with Chime

Creating a MoneyLion account with Chime is an easy process. To get started, simply adhere to these steps:

  1. If you haven’t already, get the MoneyLion app from the Google Play Store or App Store.
  2. Open a fresh MoneyLion account or log in using your current login information.
  3. Go to the “Transfers” area of the app after logging in.
  4. To start connecting your Chime account, tap “Add Account.”
  5. Select “Chime” from the list of available banks, then, when requested, input your Chime login credentials.
  6. Tap “Link Account” to ensure that the information associated with your Chime account is accurate.
  7. Await word from MoneyLion confirming that your Chime account has been successfully connected.

You may now take advantage of all the financial services and advantages that come with this link after your MoneyLion account has been set up with Chime.

Linking Chime Account with Money Lion

To complete the setup of your Chime advance, simply follow these steps to link your Chime account with MoneyLion:

  1. To access your account, launch the MoneyLion app and log in.
  2. Select the “Settings” item from the navigation bar.
  3. Click “Add Account” after selecting “Bank Accounts.”
  4. Look for Chime and click on it from the list of banks.
  5. To connect your accounts, enter your Chime login information.
  6. You can use your Chime account to access features like Instacash as soon as your accounts are linked.
  7. Additionally, you can make purchases or withdraw cash advance payments using your MoneyLion debit card.

Keep in mind that not every cash advance app is compatible with Chime, so make sure it’s compatible before trying to connect accounts.

One of the greatest choices for Chime bank customers is MoneyLion, which offers a variety of financial services as well as immediate access to cash advances of up to $250 that are deposited straight into their checking accounts via a secure link made possible by The Bancorp Bank.

Alternative Cash Advance Apps

If you’re looking for a loan app that integrates with Chime, you might also want to have a look at these three well-known cash advance apps: Albert, Earnin, and Brigit.


Albert can be a suitable choice if you’re searching for an app that provides more features than just cash advance possibilities.

With the help of an analysis of your income and spending patterns, this money management tool generates customized budget suggestions.

Additionally, it has a function called “Smart Savings” that transfers your funds into a connected account automatically. Also, Chime customers can use the Albert Cash Advance service.

Thus, connect your Chime account with Albert and benefit from this exclusive deal without any processing costs if you need some more cash before payday.


Earnin is among the most well-liked cash advance apps compatible with Chime. With this software, customers can withdraw as much as $500 per pay period from their earnings prior to payday.

For people who want quick cash now and don’t want to wait until their next payday, it’s ideal.

Earnin has a special feature called “Balance Shield” that, in the event that your bank balance drops below $100, can help avoid overdraft costs.

This app’s lack of fees or interest is another fantastic feature. Instead, it requests an optional tip (between $0 and $14) following each withdrawal.


Brigit is one of the cash advance apps that integrates well with Chime. You can get interest-free cash advances of up to $250 with this app.

Brigit provides a number of tools, like reminders for bill payments and automatic budget tracking, to ensure you never forget a payment.

After clearance, the app can transfer money straight to your bank account in a matter of minutes and offers an intuitive user interface.

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In conclusion, MoneyLion provides a no-fee cash advance and integrates effectively with Chime. Customers can easily get loans up to $250 by connecting their MoneyLion account to their Chime account.

Dave and Empower are two more well-known payday advance apps that integrate with Chime. MoneyLion also offers credit-building programs for people who want to get a better financial start.

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