December 2, 2023

Check iPad Battery Health today, Apple doesn’t make it simple to access battery health as they do on an iPhone or a MacBook. Fortunately, a few alternatives might help you figure out when a battery replacement is essential.

How to Check iPad Battery Health

Your iPad, like any mobile device, depends on its battery to keep you going all day. Unfortunately, despite the iPad’s far larger battery than the iPhone’s, you could discover that your iPad can’t last the entire day on a single charge.

If that applies to your iPad, you might want to keep an eye on the condition of the battery and take some quick corrective action to increase its operating time.

How to Check iPad Battery Health

Unlike the iPhone, Apple doesn’t make it simple to monitor the battery life of your iPad.

The iPad’s Settings app lacks the Battery Health feature seen in the iPhone’s Settings app, which provides information on how well your battery is holding up over time.

Instead, you must install third-party software and utilize it to track the battery if you wish to check the condition of your iPad’s battery.

You need to connect the iPad to a computer in order to use iPad battery monitoring apps.

Although iMazing works just as effectively and is available for both Mac and Windows, some Mac users prefer a coconut battery.

How to Check your iPad battery Health with iMazing

1. Download iMazing for your computer and install it. There is a free trial available, but the premium edition, which has more features, is also available for purchase.

2. iMazing will launch on its own after the installation is finished. To use the app, click Continue Trial if necessary.

3. Use a USB Lightning cable to link your iPad to your PC. To enable information sharing between the iPad and computer, you must first hit Trust on your iPad.

4. Verify that your iPad is chosen in the device pane on the left, and then click the Battery symbol in the lower right.

5. In the pop-up window, you will see details about the iPad’s battery health, including the maximum charge it can reach compared to when the iPad was new.

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When Do I Need to Replace My iPad Battery?

If you start to have problems with your iPad, which is a more reliable indicator of bad battery health than based on an arbitrary percentage, you should think about changing your iPad battery.

Check the iPad for less battery life than you anticipated, a sudden loss of power, or more serious problems like slow performance.

Your iPad will deliberately run slower when your battery is considerably depleted in an effort to conserve power. The only way to fully restore performance on your iPad is to replace the battery.

How to Troubleshoot a Dying iPad Battery

There are several things you can do to try and preserve the charge on your failing iPad battery if the iMazing or coconutBattery apps suggest that your battery health is low or if you simply notice that your iPad battery drains quickly.

Start your iPad again. A software bug could be causing the iPad to draw excessive power from the battery if you’ve recently noticed that it’s starting to wear down your iPad’s battery life abnormally quickly and you feel that it’s getting quite hot.

Restarting the iPad with a force is a simple fix. Turn it off, give the battery some time to cool, and then switch it back on.

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