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CFA Financial Support Scholarship

What is the CFA Financial Support Scholarship?

The Chartered Financial Analysis (CFA) Institute takes the lead in shaping the global investment profession by advocating the utmost standards of ethics, education, and professional excellence, all ultimately to benefit society.

The CFA Program is composed of a comprehensive three-part examination that evaluates proficiency in investment tools, asset valuation, portfolio management, and wealth planning.

CFA offers three annual scholarships to students enrolled in the MSc Finance and Banking program who meet the specified minimum requirements stated in the yearly application call.

The CFA Program Student Scholarship covers the initial enrollment fee for the CFA program and reduces the CFA exam registration fee to USD 350, which includes access to the curriculum and study resources.

This discounted fee (USD 350) becomes evident solely during the final stage of the exam registration checkout process. For the academic year 2022-2023, the MSc Finance and Banking program will reimburse this $350.00 fee for the three scholarship awardees.


Who is Eligible to Apply?

Those currently enrolled in the MSc Finance and Banking program and have not yet enrolled for their upcoming CFA exam are qualified to seek a CFA Program Student Scholarship. Scholarship applicants are also required to meet the enrollment criteria outlined here.

How to Apply

The application process entails two steps.

Initially, students are expected to adhere to the instructions specified in the call for applications (as outlined below), which involves submitting their application package to [email protected] and [email protected].

Subsequently, after creating an online CFA Institute account students should upload their application package on the CFA Institute website (as detailed in the ‘Student Guide to Student Scholarships.pdf’).

In particular, they will request applicants to upload a comprehensive list of all exams undertaken during their master of science studies, along with a motivation letter that elucidates their interest in obtaining CFA certification.

They communicate notification of candidate evaluation outcomes via email, and we advise students to note the specified dates indicated in the call for applications.

Successful awardees must confirm their acceptance of the scholarship prize via the CFA website.”


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