Academy of Art University Tuition is more expensive than what similar schools offer. This is depending on the course of study and the mode of receiving lectures. It can be on-site or online. If you are looking to study at the Academy of Art University, then you need the information contained on this page. Keep reading!!

Academy of Art University Tuition

Few Facts About the Academy of Art University

The Academy of Art University was formerly called the Academy of Art College and Richard Stephens Academy of Art.

It is a private for-profit art school in San Francisco, California. It was founded as the Academy of Advertising Art by Richard S. Stephens in 1929.

It has 7,805 students, 621 part-time teachers, and 202 full-time instructors in the fall of 2020.

The institution, whose main campus is situated on New Montgomery Street in San Francisco’s South of Market neighborhood, is one of the city’s major property owners.

The school offers associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees in about twenty-two subjects. Some courses are offered online.

It utilizes a semester-based academic calendar. Academy of Art University’s ranking in the 2023-2024 edition of Best Colleges in Regional Universities West, is position #88.

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Academy of Art University Tuition

The Academy of Art University(Academy of Art) tuition and fees for the class of 2023 are $26,728 for undergraduate students. And $30,232 for graduate students.

Following this, its undergraduate tuition and fees are significantly more expensive than the $14,428 average for similar colleges.  Hence, the Academy of Art’s tuition and fees increased by more than 5% this academic year (2023).

Consequently, the expected four-year cost of tuition for members of the class of 2026 who were accepted in the fall of 2022 is $115,463.

The anticipated total cost of attendance for four (4) years, including living expenses and personal fees, is $214,448.

In addition, the total cost of living in 2023, including rent, food, transportation, and other personal expenses, is $22,980.

The price of on-campus housing grew by 1.36% over the previous year. On the other hand, 2.31% less was spent on off-campus housing than the previous year.

The cost of tuition and fees for graduate school in 2022–2023 is $30,232. The graduate tuition has increased from the previous year by 6.09%.

Its graduate tuition and fees are significantly more expensive than the $16,217 average for similar schools.

The expected graduate school tuition and fees for the academic year 2023–2024 are $32,074, which is a 6.1% increase over the cost for 2023.

Academy of Art University Tuition Per Credit Hour

However, the Academy of Art University’s cost per credit hour for part-time students and/or full-time students varies accordingly. These students might take additional courses more than regular credit hours at the Academy of Art.

The undergraduate tuition per credit hour is $1,094. The graduate tuition per credit hour is $1,206.

For the academic year 2022-2023, the tuition per credit hour for part-time students or overloaded credits for full-time students is $1,094 for undergraduate programs.

For graduate programs, the tuition per credit hour is $1,206. The tuition per credit hour is increased by 5.09% compared to the academic year 2021-2022.

Undergraduate Tuition (International Students):

$1,156 per unit – 3 units per class

Tuition Payment Methods

Academy of Art provides a variety of payment options, including interest-free and installment payment plans, to assist you in structuring your payments.

You and your family can be guided through all of your options for financial support and payments through the school’s accounts receivable agents.

Academy of Art University Tuition Financial Aids Statistics

Financial aid, which is typically given based on need or merit, is money that students can use to pay for college.

Your or your family’s demonstrated capacity to pay for college is taken into account when calculating need-based help using the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA.

Consequently, 63% of enrolled undergraduate students have received grants or scholarships and the average aid amount is $10,481.

It could cover 39.21% of the full tuition amount. After receiving the financial aid, the net price is $40,379 including tuition, fees, books & supplies costs, and living costs.

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You don’t have to pay back funding such as scholarships. Scholarships that are need-based take into account a student’s financial situation.

Consequently, Merit-based scholarships are given to students who excel in academics or sports.

Indeed, you can also be eligible for a scholarship based on your involvement in volunteer work, special interests, or traits. Also personal background, or the job or military experience of your parents.

Some students receive scholarships that are sufficient to pay for both their tuition and living costs.

Students from outside the state who have excelled academically may be eligible for merit-based scholarships.

However, to gain this financial assistance, you must get a certain percentage of the mark for a scholarship to be eligible.

Without a doubt, aspiring and current students can apply for nationwide scholarship opportunities. This will help the students continue their education at Academy Art University.

Hence, you need a guide on how to get a scholarship. This guide provides insight into the types of scholarships available, the application process, and how to improve your odds of being awarded a scholarship.

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