Scholarships might be one of the most useful types of financial help you receive while attending university. Undergraduate Admissions and International Admissions freshman merit scholarships do not need a scholarship application, but your UB application materials must be completed by a specified time. Keep reading!

UB Scholarship Portal

Most UB awards, including presidential and athletic scholarships, need separate applications. Transfer students have some chances upon acceptance and more once enrolled.

The Graduate School and academic departments are the most reliable sources of graduate student financial information.


UB Scholarship Portal | What You Should Know

The new UB Scholarship Portal provides a convenient shortcut to campus charitable scholarships. Log in with your UBIT credentials and submit one application each year to be evaluated for several chances.

Some rewards, such as freshman merit scholarships for US and foreign students, can be renewed for up to four years provided you stay eligible.

Scholarship monies do not have to be repaid, so prioritize your scholarship hunt throughout your academic career.

Criteria vary across hundreds of UB scholarships and fellowships, and the alumni or friends of the institution who founded the fund frequently choose terms.

Completing the FAFSA each year will supply the information that many UB scholarship reviewers seek about your financial state.

The tips and links in this area provide an overview of the scholarship scene at UB and beyond. If you have any more questions, our financial assistance specialists can give additional information and references.

For freshmen comparing recruiting offers, we recommend utilizing the tailored Consumer Financial Protection Bureau tool.

For more information about particular UB grants, please contact the funding unit or a financial assistance counsellor.

Transition to the Scholarship Portal

For your convenience, we have compiled information on certain possibilities that may be more difficult to locate. They are available to students from various majors who match the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated leadership skills,
  • Engagement in community concerns,
  • Study abroad, internships, student groups, and
  • Participation in campus groups or research, as well as
  • Academic achievements outside of one’s major.


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