December 7, 2023

The Presidential Management Fellowship (PMF) program is an expedient method to gain expertise, refine your abilities, and progress as a critical thinker, strategic planner, and aspiring leader is by participating in.

Presidential Management Fellowship

The Office of Personnel Management’s (OPM) premier PMF program is open to recent graduates from diverse academic backgrounds who are dedicated to excelling in federal service, leadership, and administration at the entry-level.

The Presidential Management Fellowship

The Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) Program, a prestigious and highly competitive two-year training and leadership development program, is administered by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM).

This program was established by President Jimmy Carter through an executive order in 1977, aiming to attract exceptional individuals who are both scholars and dedicated to achieving excellence in leading and managing public policies and programs.

The PMF Program serves as the primary avenue for placing individuals with advanced degrees into leadership positions within the federal government.


Eligibility of the Presidential Management Fellowship

Individuals who have recently completed an eligible advanced degree, such as a master’s or professional degree, are eligible to apply.

It’s important to note that applicants who meet the criteria have the option to submit multiple applications for the PMF Program.

However, if an individual is selected as a Finalist and subsequently applies for the PMF Program in the next open announcement, they will forfeit their Finalist status.

Program Administration

The PMF Program Office at OPM is responsible for the centralized management of the PMF Program.

OPM typically announces the PMF Program application period, which usually occurs in late summer or early fall.

Finalists are selected following a thorough evaluation of all applicants, with OPM making their choices based on an assessment of each candidate’s background, achievements, application materials, and test scores.

Afterward, OPM releases the list of Finalists and shares it with government agencies.

These agencies, in turn, provide information to OPM about the PMF opportunities they have available and may post year-round appointment options for Finalists on the PMF website.

Additionally, Finalists often have the opportunity to attend a career fair. Once appointed as PMFs, these individuals hold a two-year exempted service position.

Application Process

Applications for the PMF Program are open on an annual basis. Becoming a PMF involves more than just submitting an application including completing an online assessment as part of the application process, along with submitting your CV and transcript.

During the application procedure, candidates are required to undertake an unsupervised online assessment.

This assessment comprises four sections: Situational Judgment, Life Experience, Problem Solving, and Writing. Each task within these sections has a designated time limit and must be completed in the specified order.

To be successful in all PMF roles, individuals need to demonstrate competencies such as flexibility, integrity, interpersonal skills, public service motivation, problem-solving ability, and written communication skills.

These competencies are taken into consideration when Finalists are selected, and the online assessment is designed to assess these qualities.


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