Hagan Scholarship: Each recipient of the Hagan Scholarship will have the chance to complete a four-year degree program without incurring debt and will also have the chance to pursue a graduate or professional degree. Continue reading for more on how to apply and who is eligible.

Hagan Scholarship Programme

Participants in the workshops, study abroad programs, and investment accounts gain a practical grasp of crucial life skills that aren’t often taught in the classroom.

About Hagan Scholarship

A nationwide need-based merit scholarship program called the Hagan Scholarship gives students the chance to finish college debt-free. The scholarship has a maximum value of $6,000 every semester.

Hagan Scholars can apply to extend their Hagan Scholarship to attend graduate school or a professional school and receive $6,000 per semester after they graduate from college.

The receivers of free workshops, free Schwab brokerage accounts, and free study abroad programs gain a practical understanding of crucial life skills that are often not taught in the classroom.

Hagan Scholars have attended 429 colleges and universities located in 48 states. Applicants must attend an eligible public high school.

Applicant’s Adjusted Gross Household Income reported for Federal Income Tax Purposes must not exceed $85,000.

Eligibility Requirements

1. A citizen of the United States is required.

2. Attend a public high school that is listed on the HSF website and is situated in a city, town, or rural area with fewer than 25,000 inhabitants.

3. Need a total grade point average of 3.50.

4. After graduating from high school, you must enroll in an eligible four-year college or institution.

5. Maintain a four-year schedule for graduation.

6. Must put in 240 hours of work each year between January 1 and the start of the fall semester of college.

7. The adjusted gross household income of the applicant as reported for federal income tax purposes cannot be more than $85,000.

8. TheFAFSA SAR with the EFC must be provided.

9. Must submit an application for federal and state funds if qualified.

10. Must not have a felony conviction. The intended recipient of a Hagan Scholarship is a high-achieving goal-driven student having a genuine financial need in order to attend college.

11. Applicant must create a UN and PW to access the Application.

12. Applicant must attend an eligible public high school.

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Scholarship Particulars

1. The scholarship disbursement amount, which can be up to $6,000 per semester, will be determined by HSF by subtracting the total dollar amount of ALL scholarships, awards, grants, waivers, and one-half of the recipient’s EFC from the recipient’s Total Cost of Attendance, which includes tuition, fees, room and board, books, supplies, personal, and transportation costs. The EFC is solely used to calculate the amount of the disbursement; parents are not compelled to pay it.

2. Each semester, the disbursement amount will be adjusted to account for the loss or expiration of any other scholarships, grants, or awards as well as adjustments to the recipient’s EFC.

3. If the beneficiary meets the scholarship requirements and the obligations of the required workshop, the scholarship is renewable for up to seven subsequent semesters in a row.

4. Prior to enrolling in college, first-year awardees receive $1,000 to spend on necessities like computers, phones, clothes, office supplies, bedding, etc. that are not covered by the scholarship.

5. In order to learn firsthand how to invest for financial security, second-year students are given a $15,000 HSF brokerage account and a $1,000 personal brokerage account to handle until graduation.

6. Third-year recipients who earn a 3.50 CGPA qualify for an all-expenses-paid study and vacation adventure abroad worth up to $8,000 or they can utilize the money to spend a semester studying abroad.

7. Recipients are required to work 240 hours a year starting on January 1 and continuing until the start of the autumn semester of college. Employment must be regularly scheduled work performed under supervision for compensation.

8. Recipients graduating college with a 3.75 GPA can apply to extend their Hagan Scholarship for up to four additional consecutive semesters to attend graduate school or a professional school receiving $6,000 each semester.

9. There is no application fee or processing fee.

Scholarship Timeline

Application available September 1, 2024.

Application Deadline December 1, 2024.

Applications reviewed for eligibility, compliance with instructions, and quality of the submission.

Applicants are notified of their status.

Finalists provide supplemental information.

Scholarships awarded March 2024.

Finalists eligible for but not awarded a Scholarship will receive $2,000.

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