You could be a part of the Mirae Asset scholarship family with the right information. This scholarship will surely help you financially with your academic goals but to get it is not so easy. As you read through, we will be showing what you need to know to give you the advantage.

Mirae Asset Scholarship

Mirae Asset Foundation

An initiative of the Mirae Asset Foundation, the Mirae Asset Foundation Scholarship Program 2024–25 seeks to give financial aid to deserving students from disadvantaged social groups in India.

Students who are enrolled in undergraduate or graduate programs in the nation are eligible to apply for this award, with the possibility of winning a grant of up to INR 50,000.

In 2018, the Mirae Asset Financial Group in India formed the Mirae Asset Foundation as its corporate social responsibility division.

The Mirae Asset Foundation is a registered charitable foundation in India that focuses on several aspects of educational development in the country.

Our charitable work in India is in line with that of our parent, the Mirae Asset Park Hyeon Joo Foundation in Korea.

It involves working on educational initiatives with institutional partners such as schools, colleges, government agencies, civil society organizations, and other entities, as well as offering scholarships for students at all educational levels.



1. Available to students who are enrolled in undergraduate or graduate programs in India at this time.

2. In the preceding academic year, students had to have received at least 60%.

3. The applicants’ combined annual family income must not exceed INR 8,00,000 per year.

4. PAN India students are eligible to apply for the scholarship.


1. Undergraduate Students: Mirae Asset Foundation Scholarship Program 2024–2025: Up to INR 40,000 in scholarships

2. Scholarships up to INR 50,000 are available for postgraduate students under the Mirae Asset Foundation Scholarship Program 2024–25.

Course fees, housing costs, mess fees, and other costs related to academic activities that must be paid to the institutions will all be covered by the scholarship money, which will be given straight to the institutions.

Application Process

1. Select the “Apply Now” option located below.

2. Use your registered ID to log into Buddy4Study, then navigate to the “Application Form Page.”

3. If you haven’t already, sign up at Buddy4Study using your Gmail, smartphone, or email address.

4. The “Mirae Asset Foundation Scholarship Program 2024–25” application form page will now be displayed to you.

5. To start the application process, click the “Start Application” button.

6. Complete the online application form with the necessary information.

7. Add any pertinent papers.

8. Click “Preview” after agreeing to the “Terms and Conditions.”

9. Click “Submit” to finish the application process if all of the applicant’s information appears accurately on the preview screen.

Documents Required

1. Bank account details of the institutes.

2. Previous year mark sheet along with Class 12 mark sheet.

3. Transgender certificate (self-proclamation/issued by any NGO/issued by GOI) (if applicable).

4. Disability certificate (if applicable).

5. Other backward community certificate (if applicable).

6. A government-issued address proof (Aadhaar card).

7. The current year’s admission letter with details of fees needs to be transferred to institutions along with the institute’s bank details.

8. Family income proof (any three of the following).

9. Login to Buddy4Study with your registered ID and land on the ‘Application Form Page’.

10. ITR return for the immediately preceding financial year of the parents.

11. Salary slip/receipts of the parents.

12. Recent photograph.

13. Applicants must present an Economically Weaker Section (EWS) certificate issued by a competent government entity if the parents work for themselves.


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