How to Make a Slideshow on TikTok: This article will help you if you need to know how to create a slideshow on TikTok or how to add text to a slideshow on TikTok. Just getting to know the right information and making your slide show will be so easy. Let’s get started!

How to Make a Slideshow on Tiktok

Slideshows on TikTok are a fantastic way to reach a large audience, whether you want to share important moments from your life or create a slideshow for your brand’s fans.

Take a look at these methods and think about how you may use them to speed up the creation of your slideshows.

How to Make a Slideshow on TikTok

Ready to get started making your slideshow? Follow these steps to create a high-quality project.

1. Open the App.

Ensure that you are logged in and prepared to begin. If you don’t have the TikTok app, you may still make your slideshow using a video creation app and send it to TikTok.

2. Click the “+” icon at the Bottom of the Screen, then Choose “Template.”

Currently, there are 21 different slideshow options available on TikTok. Look through those choices to see which one best suits your requirements.

Make sure you carefully evaluate how many photographs you can add in addition to considering the slideshow’s design.

Make sure you pick a template that can accommodate a huge slideshow with several slides if necessary, or find a means to divide your slideshow into multiple segments.

Before deciding to use the text, you can preview it.

3. Choose your Pictures.

Select the images or image files that will be included in your TikTok presentation. For your slideshow to function as you plan, you must arrange them in the proper order.

4. Decide which Sound you Want to Use.

The pre-made templates on TikTok include pre-selected tracks that will start playing on their own and add some sound and music to your slideshow.

But those sounds might not be suitable for your particular requirements. To modify the music or sounds you want to utilize, click the “sound” icon.

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5. Make Slide Edits.

As required, add filters and effects. Make sure to see filter and effect previews before making a decision.

Some filters may appear fantastic on a static screen, but when they are combined, they may not appear as appealing as you had intended.

6. Include Text

You’re curious how TikTok slideshows can have text added to them. As a first step, click the checkbox to show that you’re prepared to move on to the following screen.

This will open up a fresh menu of choices. Add the text you want to see on each slide to that screen.

During your slideshow, make sure to double-check your spelling, grammar, and any other language you want to be careful with.

Based on your unique requirements, choose the color, font, and alignment of your text.

7. View Before Saving

Before uploading, carefully preview your slideshow. View both the entire presentation and each individual slide.

A fast preview will help you keep your presentation looking its best and prevent embarrassing mistakes.

In conclusion, making a slideshow on TikTok is a fantastic way to engage with your audience, promote a new company or product, or just have some fun with your friends.

TikTok has become a fantastic method to pass the time or simply share information as it has gained popularity and more users.

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