What Does Ratio Mean on Tiktok: The word “ratio” is used on a number of social media sites, including Twitter and TikTok. Although a ratio may have several definitions, you should normally avoid them.

What Does Ratio Mean on Tiktok


In social media, a ratio identifies a specific correlation between various forms of participation. A ratio can be produced by two main factors, but the specifics vary depending on the platform.

What Does Ratio Mean on Tiktok

A ratio, to put it simply, is when a video has more comments than likes or when a comment has more likes than the video it’s commenting to.

Both of these scenarios are possible on a single TikTok, but both are ratios.

The assumption is that the original post has failed in some way whenever the ratio of comments to likes or comment likes to video likes is more than 1:1.

This “formula” is predicated on the notion that since social media comments are typically more critical than supportive, having more of them—or having one be more popular than the original post—means that more people disapprove of your TikTok.

Sometimes a comment on a post will only contain the word “ratio.” To make a ratio for the original post, this person is requesting that everyone who watches the video like this comment.

The popularity of the video typically determines how well these comments do. If people like TikTok, they’re far less likely to help a random person ratio it.

This tactic is also pretty low-effort and less likely to succeed than a comment that makes a more considered or funny contribution to the conversation.

What Signs Point to Rationing?

By looking to the right side of the screen, you may instantly identify the first type of ratio on your TikTok. The speech bubble and the heart (likes) are the two icons you wish to compare (comments).

Each number will be displayed underneath the symbols. If the ratio of comments to likes is larger, that is a ratio.

Tap the Comments icon and look for a comment that has more likes than the original to locate the other type of ratio. To the right of a comment’s content, you can see how many likes it has received.

The number of likes for a comment as well as the Like and Comments counts for a TikTok.

Is Receiving a Ratio Always Bad?

Even though the first ratio (comments to likes) usually generally indicates that most people disagree with or disapprove of a TikTok, the second kind isn’t always unfavorable.

Depending on what was said in the comment, For instance, it’s not necessarily a loss for you if you publish a joke and someone answers with a joke that receives more likes.

In the meanwhile, you might want to reevaluate your viewpoint if you publish something serious, someone makes fun of you in the comments and more people like the comment.

However, social media users typically view a ratio as a negative thing.

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FAQs on What Does Ratio Mean on Tiktok

Below are frequently asked questions and answers on What Does Ratio Mean on Tiktok for you:

1. What Does no ratio Mean on TikTok?

The ratio is a popular term used on social media and when it comes to TikTok, it’s all to do with the comment section. To get ‘ratioed’ on TikTok means that your comment has more replies than likes. Usually, this means that your comment has NOT gone down well. If you get ratioed, it’s kind of a bad thing.

2. What Does Ratio Mean in Slang?

On social media, “ratio” refers to the number of replies or comments as compared to likes. A post being referred to as “ratioed” means that it has more replies than likes and is likely divisive, unpopular, or generally controversial.

3. What Does Ratio Bozo Mean on TikTok?

It’s not just on TikTok where the trend is being used either, and the same concept applies on Twitter. If someone is ‘ratioed’ on Twitter, it means that their tweet has recieved more quote tweets or retweets than replies or likes.

4. What is a good TikTok-like Ratio?

The sweet spot ratio brands or users should aim for is one “like” for every 10 views. This triggers the algorithm to show your video to more people. In essence, the algorithm is triggered by the velocity of the engagement it receives. Content that gets less than that 1/10 like to view ratio will stop growing.

5. Do Views Matter on TikTok?

A view on TikTok is counted a soon as the video starts playing in someone’s feed. This is a low barrier to count a view, compared with other platforms that require a user to initaite the play, or a minimum amount of time before the view is counted.

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