December 2, 2023

 Freshman and University Wide Scholarships: When it comes to pursuing higher education, one of the biggest concerns for students and their families is the cost. Fortunately, scholarships provide an excellent opportunity to alleviate some of the financial burdens associated with attending college or university.

Freshman and University Wide Scholarships

The world of freshman and university-wide scholarships is offering valuable insights and tips to help students secure these coveted opportunities.

From understanding the different types of scholarships available to exploring the application process, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in!

Freshman and University Wide Scholarships

Freshman scholarships are specifically designed to attract outstanding students who are entering college or university for the first time.

Here are some common types of freshman scholarships:

1. Leaders Save Lives Scholarship


a)Be a college student.

b)Host a community blood-draw event.

The American Red Cross, renowned worldwide for its lifesaving work, offers yet another helpful perk to the global community the Leaders Save Lives Scholarship.

This opportunity is available to all college students willing to sponsor a community blood-draw event.

Once the event is completed, the sponsoring student will be entered into a drawing with other sponsoring students for a chance to win a scholarship.

Additionally, experience hours are gained as well as gift cards are given out based on the amount of blood collected at the event.

Scholarship Website

2. Pedro Zamora Young Leaders Scholarship


a)Be an enrolled college student or high school senior who is accepted at a college or university.

b)Demonstrate leadership and considerable community involvement.

The National Aids Memorial is an organization set up around the global fight against AIDS and HIV. The organization’s Pedro Zamora Young Leaders Scholarship is one mode of spreading that mission.

Here, scholarship winners receive tuition and expense coverage, while numerous applicants actually win awards each year. Winners are decided and announced every August.

Scholarship Website

3. JBF Scholarship


a)Show a high level of general and academic merit.

b)The James Beard Foundation is all about societal improvement through the culinary arts, and each year, this organization offers numerous grants, scholarships, and other student-aiding programs.

  • The organization’s scholarships come by way of complete tuition waivers.
  • Many such scholarships are awarded each year, and millions have been paid in students’ names by the organization since it started these programs in 1991.

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4. The HACU Scholarship Program


a)Demonstrate financial need if required by scholarship sponsor (typically determined by FAFSA).

b)Students must currently attend a HACU-member college or university in the US or Puerto Rico at the time applications are completed and scholarship awards are made.

c)Scholarships are only for enrolled college students. All students must have completed their first semester of freshman year at the time of applying.

The HACU Scholarship Program is provided by the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities and offers students valuable tuition coverage via numerous, big-name sponsors.

Students must be enrolled freshmen to be considered. All award decisions are finalized in July with winners being notified immediately thereafter.

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5. Larry F. Ball Memorial Scholarship


a)Must be a female who is an Ohio resident.

b)Must be enrolled in a four-year US-accredited university/college.

c)Must have graduated from high school with a minimum GPA of 3.0.

d)Must be able to demonstrate service within the community in some way and be committed to community service in the future.

e)Must be a US citizen.

Charity Smith is an online non-profit focused on managing and facilitating memorial funds.

The Larry F. Ball Memorial Scholarship is one such fund facilitated by the organization in which female Ohio residents can win considerable tuition coverage.

This one is ultimately sponsored by the family of Larry F. Ball, a past Ohio State Buckeye and beloved family man and professional.

Scholarship Website

University-Wide Scholarships

University-wide scholarships, as the name suggests, are available to all students attending a particular college or university.

These scholarships often have a broader scope and attract a more extensive pool of applicants. Here are a few examples of university-wide scholarships:

Scholarships AwardAward AmountEligibility Criteria
Bentson Family Scholarship


$24,000 over four years


Preference is given to students of the Jewish faith


Anthony Garofalo Scholarship AwardAmount varies


·         Graduate of Hill-Murray (Maplewood, MN)

·         Pursuing a degree in science or technology

Calmenson Family San Diego Chapter ScholarshipAmount variesGraduate of a high school in San Diego County or Riverside County, California
Charles E. Merrill Scholarship


Amount variesPreference is given to descendants of maimed or wounded veterans


Dan Roland Legacy ScholarshipAmount varies1. Studying toward a degree in the area of business and/or entrepreneurship with a preference for students who have been accepted into the Carlson School of Management

2. First-generation college student, able to demonstrate leadership and hard work, and able to show evidence of engagement in student and professional activities and/or extracurricular activities.

3. Minnesota resident



Dawn Christine Hanna Memorial ScholarshipAmount variesGraduate of Owatonna High School in Owatonna, Minnesota.


Gold Scholar Awardup to $10,000 each year for four yearsPreference is given to National Merit Finalists.

Recipients must list the University of Minnesota Twin Cities as their first-choice college by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation deadline.


Iron Range Scholarship$1,000-$3,000 each year for four yearsMinnesota resident or eligible for MN Dream Act
Ethel Curry ScholarshipAmount varies, renewable up to four yearsMust present written documentation of tribal enrollment by May 1 of your senior year.

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The Scholarship Application Process

Once you’ve identified the scholarships you want to apply for, it’s crucial to understand the application process and requirements. Here are some general steps to follow:

1. Prepare all the documents required for the scholarship application, such as academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, personal statements, and financial aid forms.

2. Pay close attention to application deadlines and ensure that you submit your materials well in advance. Late applications are often disqualified.

3. Tailor your application to highlight your strengths, achievements, and personal experiences. Be sure to showcase how you meet the specific criteria outlined by each scholarship.

4. Before submitting your application, thoroughly proofread all documents for grammar, spelling, and clarity. Consider seeking feedback from mentors or teachers to improve your application’s quality.

Freshman and university-wide scholarships provide invaluable financial support to students embarking on their higher education journey.

By understanding the various types of scholarships, employing effective search strategies, and mastering the application process, you can significantly increase your chances of securing these scholarships.

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