December 2, 2023

B.P Dammizio Entrance Scholarship: Securing financial aid to pursue higher education has become a crucial aspect of the academic journey for many students. Scholarships play a significant role in helping deserving individuals achieve their educational goals, and the B.P. Dammizio Entrance Scholarship is one such esteemed opportunity.

B.P. Dammizio Entrance Scholarship

About the B.P Dammizio Entrance Scholarship

The B.P. Dammizio Entrance Scholarship is a prestigious academic award aimed at recognizing and supporting outstanding students seeking admission to undergraduate programs.

Named after its benefactor, B.P. Dammizio, this scholarship aims to provide financial assistance to talented individuals who demonstrate exceptional academic achievements, leadership potential, and a commitment to making a positive impact in their chosen fields.

Scholarship Description:

Several scholarships, valued at $4,000 each, are awarded to outstanding students entering the first year of Computer Science, Software Engineering, or Computer Engineering.

Selection is based on a combination of high school admission grades, results of contests administered through CEMC (Mathematics students only), online video interviews (Engineering students only), and extracurricular achievement as assessed through the Admission Information Form.

This fund was established in 2006 by Bruno P. Dammizio (BMath ’80) to encourage and assist students who are interested in the pursuit of technological innovation and committed to achieving the very highest standards of excellence.

Value description: Up to $4,000 each

Eligibility Criteria for the B.P Dammizio Entrance Scholarship:

To be eligible for the B.P. Dammizio Entrance Scholarship, applicants must meet certain criteria established by the scholarship committee:

1. Academic performance

2. Admission Information Form (AIF)

3. Contest results as administered through CEMC (Mathematics students only)

4. Online video interview (Engineering students only)


Canadian/Permanent resident, International student.

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Scholarship Application Process

The application process for the B.P. Dammizio Entrance Scholarship usually involves several steps, which may include the following:

1. Prospective applicants should thoroughly research the scholarship requirements, deadlines, and any additional documentation required.

2. Candidates are typically required to complete an application form, providing personal details, academic achievements, and extracurricular activities.

3. Applicants need to write a well-crafted personal statement highlighting their academic and personal accomplishments, career goals, and how the scholarship will assist them in achieving those goals.

4. Additional documents such as academic transcripts, recommendation letters, and proof of financial need may be requested.

5. Completed applications should be submitted within the specified deadline, following the instructions provided by the scholarship committee.

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The B.P Dammizio Entrance Scholarship is a highly regarded academic award that supports outstanding students in pursuing their higher education dreams.

By recognizing academic achievements, leadership potential, and community involvement, this scholarship empowers deserving individuals to excel in their chosen fields.

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