Solutions to Examination Malpractice: Malpractice in examinations has affected 50% of Nigerian students. Exam misconduct can no longer be completely erased since it has rooted itself so deeply into Nigeria’s educational system. Get to know the solution to this problem by reading on.

Solutions to Examination Malpractice

Over 70% of these incidents include a teacher or lecturer, and occasionally even the principal. These are just a few of the depressing facts about exam fraud in Nigeria.

Scandals involving examination fraud have overtaken Nigeria’s educational system.


What Constitutes Examination Malpractice?

A purposeful illegal act that is against the rules and regulations of the official examination is referred to as examination malpractice.

Another way to describe it is as unlawful or illegal behaviour on the part of an exam candidate with the intention of passing the test.

Our educational sector is concerned about this illegal act right now. Many students are constantly searching for ways to cheat on tests.

Due to a plethora of examination malpractices, exam cheating is a problem that plagues our society today.

Causes Of Examination Malpractice in Schools

There are many factors that cause examination malpractice among students in Nigeria and other countries.:

Some of them are:

  • Fear of failure.
  • Laziness of students.
  • Lack of self-confidence.
  • Poor quality teaching.
  • Bad school management.
  • Poor parental upbringing.
  • Peer pressure.
  • Inadequate study materials.
  • High level of poverty.
  • Bad government practices.
  • Teacher’s attitude to work.
  • Poor supervision.

Solutions To Examination Malpractices in Nigeria

What can we do to stop these impermissible behaviours in Nigeria? The following are some suggestions for resolving the issue of exam fraud in Nigeria:

1. Good Parental Upbringing

They say, “Charity begins at home.” Exam fraud must be eliminated from the source, which must be the house.

These unethical behaviours in tests have a lot to do with parental upbringing.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of the parents to provide their children with good home instruction and teach them to avoid cheating on exams.

A pupil who has received a strong education at home won’t behave improperly during tests.

2. Punishment of Students

Punishing pupils who are caught engaged in any illicit activity during tests is another realistic and efficient response to examination malpractice in Nigeria.

When other students are aware that there will be serious consequences for any unlawful or improper behaviour during tests, they will exercise caution.

This will contribute to steadily lowering exam fraud in schools today.

3. Good School Management

A friendly climate, adequate study materials, good equipment and facilities, and competent teaching are all examples of good school management.

This will encourage pupils to concentrate better in class and take their studies more seriously.

4. Increment in the Salaries of Teachers

Teachers and lecturers ought to receive the same appreciation and compensation for their efforts.

They will adopt the proper mindset as a result and do their responsibilities appropriately.

Additionally, a raise in teachers’ salaries will lessen exam fraud in Nigeria.

5. Government Should Encourage Education

The government has a role to play in eradicating examination malpractices in Nigeria.

The government should encourage and spend more on education. It should provide more facilities and equipment and other necessary things for schools.

Frequently Asked Questions About

Below are some frequently asked questions and answers about examination malpractice for you:

1. Is Examination Malpractice a Social Problem?

Social problems include bribery and corruption, poverty, examination malpractices, crime, kidnapping, cultism, child abuse etc.

2. What are the Consequences of Exam Malpractice?

Examination malpractice has grave consequences on the individuals and institutions of learning, communities and the country at large. Dismissal, termination, loss of position, and lack of self-confidence are effects and have caused a lot of embarrassment and suffering to individuals, families and the nation.

3. What are the Causes and Effects of Examination Malpractice?

The study revealed that examination malpractices bring total loss of trust in the educational system, reduced enrolment of students in school, frequent cancellation of results, discourage good students/candidates from studying hard, derive innocent students’ opportunity for admission, decrease job efficiency.

4. What are the Causes of Examination Malpractice Among Secondary School Students?

The findings of the study revealed that the major cause of examination malpractice was sexual harassment by teachers and the main consequence of examination malpractice was that it deprived innocent students’ of the opportunity for admission.

5. What is the Advantage of Examination Malpractice?

Through examination malpractice, they can even scale through university education without, for once picking up a book that is not a magazine or novel (for those who even attempt reading), and can successfully graduate with at least a second class upper in a Nigerian University.

Examination malpractice is very alarming in Nigeria. This act is reducing our national integrity and values.

The government, teachers, parents, and students have roles to play in eradicating these illegal acts in schools during exams.

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